Make Like a Poet! National Poetry Day

national poetry dayToday is National Poetry Day, a nationwide celebration of poetry for everyone, everywhere, which falls every year on the first Thursday of October. Since it was first launched in 1994, the day has been marked by a nationwide celebration of all things poetic.

From 1999 onwards, National Poetry Day has been loosely “themed” – the theme is not prescriptive but it serves to kick start inspiration. This year’s theme invites people to speak, think, act, love, live and dream ‘like a poet’ by sharing poetry in every conceivable way, using the Twitter hashtags #nationalpoetryday and #thinkofapoem.

Thanks to our own English & Drama School, we’ve built up quite an extensive range of poetry, ancient and modern, ranging from the Greek epic poetry of Homer to Shakespeare’s Sonnets, to the 19th century classics of Coleridge and William Wordsworth, to the contemporary poetry of Philip Larkin and Andrew Motion. Not forgetting our comprehensive range of literature databases available on Library Catalogue Plus, most notably Literature Online (LION), from which you can glean everything you ever wanted to know about your favourite poem or poem. Why not have a browse?

Murder, She Read… Student Book Club Launch Night

murder she readIf you fancy reading and chatting about great novels from lots of different genres, enjoying home-baked refreshments and taking part in other social activities, why not come along to the official crime-themed launch of the Loughborough University Student Book Club at 7pm on Tuesday October 20th in the Village Bar?

  • Scampi and chips for £2.95!
  • Guest speaker: John Martin – author and authority on crime writing
  • Pick up a brand new copy of Now You See Me by Sharon Bolton, the first great novel we’ll be discussing
  • Exciting prize draw!
  • Display of crime novels

For catering purposes, please register your interest in attending with Sharon at the Library:

Comments from previous members:
“Thanks so much for doing this club by the way, it’s been great!”
“It is fun and the sessions…are a good chance to meet new people”
“I’ll be coming to the meeting … I can’t wait to talk about the book”

World Space Week 2015

WSW2015-Alec-Bartos-Romania-smallThis week is World Space Week, the annual celebration of all things astronautical and cosmic.

This year’s theme is particularly suitable – discovery, which highlights the great era of deep space discovery that we are in. We have never learnt as much of the universe we live in as in the last decade. Space telescopes, deep space probes and several interplanetary satellites and landers have shown us the magic, wonders and opportunities of new worlds. Space is all about discovery!

Launched specifically on 4th October by the UN General Assembly to mark the successful launch of Sputnik 1, the first man-made satellite, in 1957, and the signing of the ‘Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies’ on October 10 1967, World Space Week has been held every year since 1999, and seeks primarily to educate people about the positives of space exploration and encourage better public understanding and support for space programmes.

We hold a large number of books about satellite communications & navigation among our collection, along with a good selection of books about space & space exploration  in general. We also have access to the National Geophysical Data Centre database, which provides the lastest satellite geophysical data from the Sun to the Earth and Earth’s sea floor and solid earth environment, including Earth observations from space, and the NASA Scientific & Technical Information database, which includes up-to-date information about NASA’s satellite projects.

To find out more about the programme, visit the World Space Week website here:

A Very Nice Day Out!


We’re very happy to report that our little stand at the Freshers Bazaar yesterday was a complete success, and we hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed it too!

We took A LOT of pictures of you with our new little friend, which you can find in an album we’ve posted on our Facebook page here:

Be sure to ‘Like’ a picture if you’re featured, and ‘Like’ our Facebook page too – we’ll be running a competition this week to select the best picture from the day, and a lucky winner (and a couple of runners-up) will be receiving a special ‘Pilky Prize’, so look out for the result soon!

Come & Meet Pilky at the Library Stand at the Activities Bazaar!


This weekend, Loughborough Student’s Union are holding two Bazaars to showcase all the different sports, clubs, and activities that you can get involved in during your time here at University and to help you make the most of your Loughborough experience. This Sunday, 4th October the Library will be joining in with the Student Activities Bazaar – and we’ll be bringing along a special guest star!

At the Bazaar, you can meet representative from all of LSU’s 109 societies – and with as many as that, you’re bound to find a society that interests you! If AU sport isn’t your thing, there are a number of outdoor activities and sports societies that you can join. But societies aren’t just limited to sport; there are all kinds of societies, celebrating culture, faith, film, technology, performance, art, and even your future career! The societies will be putting on live demonstrations and stalls to show you who they are and how you can sign up for them.

Not that you have to sign up for us, but come along and see us anyway! The Library stand can be found in the David Wallace Sports Hall, and we’ll be there from 11am to 4pm. Be sure to come along and get your picture taken with us – and Pilky!

Some News You Might Have Missed During the Summer…

05 Level 4

Welcome back to all of our returning students who have come back at the weekend – we hope you missed us as much as we missed you!

What you might have missed during the summer while you’ve been away is some news about our IT facilities in the Library and – best of all – an extension to our term and vacation time opening hours.

  • Yes, that’s right – from the start of this term, the Library will be increasing its opening hours during term time, meaning we will now be closing at 2am rather midnight. We will also be extending our opening hours during the next Easter vacation (it’s not that far away!) so that we’ll be open Monday-Friday until 8pm instead of closing at 5.30pm as before. The New Year 24-7 opening period will also be starting earlier next year.
  • We’ve added 43 new PCs to the study area on Level 4, meaning we now have around 250 public workstations throughout the building.
  • Engineers rejoice! All Library PC’s (except the Short Stay workstations) are now Auto-CAD software enabled thanks to sterling upgrade work by IT Services during the summer.
  • On a bit of a downside, the PC Clinic have changed their opening hours. They will now be open weekdays from 10am to 6pm, but unfortunately will NOT be open at all at weekends. Library evening & weekend staff will provide as much help as they can, but in the first instance you should contact the IT Services Service Desk for any out-of-hours IT queries.

Enjoy your term!

Whole Earth Exhibition

whole earth

An exciting open air interactive exhibition with a thought-provoking environmental theme will be running on campus this October.

Hosted by the Sustainability Team at Loughborough University Whole Earth? is written by Lloyd Timberlake, an acknowledged expert in the field of sustainable development. The Stockholm Resilience Centre provides scientific support to the project with the latest insights on planetary boundaries and global sustainability. The original Hard Rain exhibition (shown at LU in 2010), a vivid reminder of the price of inaction, introduces the new display. The combination of rigorous science and art gives a wide appeal. It will be the first exhibition to open simultaneously to a connected, international audience (via the NUS) in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This innovative approach will ensure media coverage at each university and public venue and an opportunity to bring students, academics and the public together with political and business leaders.

The exhibition, which is open to all, is mounted in the Shirley Pearce Square from the 5th October to 1st November 2015, with the official launch taking place on the 7th October at 11am.

Further details of how to participate can be found via the University Sustainability web pages here:

International Student Book Club

照片 2Do you like reading stories and meeting people from other cultures? Would you like to develop your skills in spoken English? If so, this club is for you! You will discover the pleasure of reading short books by well-known authors and share your ideas in a friendly, relaxed environment. The club is free to join and you will be provided with all the books we discuss on a first-come first-served basis.

If you would like to know more, please email Sara Bosley at or just come to our first meeting in Seminar Room One in the Library at 5pm on 6th October. You can also join us on Facebook.

All students are welcome to the general Loughborough University Student Book Club where you can discuss longer novels. For more information, please contact Sharon Reid at the Library: ext. 222403, or why not join the Club’s Facebook page?

European Day of Languages

european day of languages

As today is European Day of Languages, what better time to let people know of some of the fantastic services offered by the University’s English Language Support Service.

The English Language Support Service offers a range of high quality English language support to home and international students who are already studying at university, as well as to international students who wish to study at Loughborough University. They offer a broad range of workshops throughout term time, as well as online courses and support available via the Library’s own ‘Get the Know How: Skills to Succeed’ Learn module LBA001.

The European Day of Languages is the result of the success of the European Year of Languages hosted in 2001, jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union, was successful in involving millions of people across 45 participating countries. Its activities celebrated linguistic diversity in Europe and promoted language learning. The Council of Europe subsequently declared a European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th of September each year.

The general objectives of the European Day of Languages are:

  • Alerting the public to the importance of language learning and diversifying the range of languages learnt in order to increase plurilingualism and intercultural understanding.
  • Promoting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, which must be preserved and fostered.
  • Encouraging lifelong language learning in and out of school, whether for study purposes, for professional needs, for purposes of mobility or for pleasure and exchanges.

To find out more, visit the campaign’s website here.