Support from the Enquiry Desks during the Vacation Period

During vacation periods, the Enquiry Desks will close at 17.30 weekdays (apart from on Wednesdays when it will remain open until 20.00). During the Easter vacation, the Library is staffed by security until 20.00 but they will not be able to assist with any library enquiries and will refer you to the Library staff the next working day. Please bear this in mind when you plan your visit to the Library.

Borrowing & Renewing Books for the Easter Vacation

Our extended Easter vacation loan period begins this Friday 24th March. All books borrowed from the Library or renewed after this date will be issued until the following dates for the following users:

  • Long Loan and Week Loan books for Undergraduates, will be due for return on Wednesday 3rd May.
  • Long Loan and Week Loan books for Undergraduate Finalists and  Postgraduates will be due for return on Friday 5th May.
  • Staff and Postgraduate Researchers Week Loan books will also be issued until Friday 5th May. All Long Loans will be issued until 30th June.
  • All Leisure Reading Books will be issued until Wednesday 3rd May.

Please note we do NOT recall books over the Easter vacation, but any reserved books borrowed from our hold shelf which still have outstanding requests may only be borrowed for one week – as always, please check the issue date when borrowing or renewing a book to avoid any fines.

Library Semester 1 KPI Results

6334000763_07e3880213The 2016-2017 Academic Year is our seventh year of measuring our KPI performance pledges, and we’re very happy to report that our half-time score is looking very healthy!

We’ve scored 100% across practically all the board for all of our scores so far this academic year, meaning we’ve kept completely up with our targets in areas such as returning and shelving books, and inter-library loan receiving and processing. Our shelving team again excelled themselves, ensuring that all books returned were back on the shelf within three hours.

The only crimp in our score was having to close the building due to the water main work back in October, meaning we only narrowly missed out on our target for 100% opening times by a single measly per cent.

Stay tuned for our next set of KPI figures which we will be compiling in April. If you would like to see a full summary of our targets and performance levels, they are available on our website. Please feel free to give us some feedback – it would be great to hear from you.

Borrowing Books Over the Christmas Vacation

treeIt’s December already – where does the time go? – and it’s that time of year when people’s minds turn towards snow glistening, sleigh bells ringing, and… borrowing books over the Christmas vacation!

From Friday 9th December 2016, all books borrowed and/or renewed can be kept for the duration of the vacation as follows:

  • Undergraduate books will be due for return on the 11/01/17 (the first Wednesday of term)
  • Postgrad books will be due for return on the 13/01/17 (first Friday of term)
  • Alumni due dates will be set to the 06/01/17 (last Friday of the Vacation)
  • All Leisure reading books borrowed will be due on the 06/01/17

 As usual we do NOT recall books over the Christmas Vacation, and the last recall notices will go out on Friday 9th December 2016, with recalls restarting on Friday 6th January 2017.

Do please note, however, that any books issued from the Hold shelf that still have outstanding requests on them will still only issue for One Week – always check the due date when you have issued the book (but you do that anyway, right? Right!)

Inter-Library Loan Service During the Christmas Vacation

book readThe University Library will postpone Inter-Library Loan requests that it receives during the Christmas vacation.

If you would like to borrow a book or a similar item from another library over Christmas, please make your request before Friday 9th December 2016.  If you make a borrowing request after this date we will process it after the University reopens on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

If you would like us to get a copy of a journal article, conference paper or similar item from another library for you before Christmas, please make your request before Friday 16th December. If you make a copy request after this date we will process it after the University reopens on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Busy, Busy Start of Term!

Pilkington library after refurbishment

Well, the start of term really hit the ground running yesterday – we received over 2400 enquiries at all of our Information Desks, which constituted a staggering 88% increase on last year’s figures. By a spooky coincidence – it is Halloween season after all! – we also issued over 2400 books as well. So it’s nice to know you’re not all going to spending your first term at the Student Union!

For those yet to make their first visit, don’t be shy – we’re open seven days a week until 2am in the morning, and we’re running special guided tours of the Library during the first fortnight of term. What better – and easier – way to get to know us?

Welcome to the Library!

Library staff groupSo, you’ve made it to Loughborough – congratulations! At the University Library we take great pride in how we support all our new users – if you ever have a question about how we can support you, ask one of our friendly staff.

As a new student you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Library. your student ID card is also your Library card. Don’t lose it as you need to swipe in through the barriers to enter the Library and to use our self-service machines to borrow your books.

Getting the most of out of your Library

Academic Librarians will be out in the schools during induction week – look out for the Library session in your timetable. You don’t have to wait for the session to use us though – feel free to pop in when you arrive and have a look round.

Get the Know How Library workshops

During the autumn term Library staff will be running workshops offering helpful guidance on a wide variety of academic practices including essay writing, note taking, time management and presentation skills. You can find more information about these workshops on our webpages.

Using the Library

Enquiry Desks

The Library offers an Enquiry Desk Service across all levels of the Library during standard office hours (Monday – Friday 9AM to 5:30PM).  User Services staff will be able to help you with most of your enquiries and if necessary will refer you to a colleague with more specialist knowledge.

The Enquiry Desks are staffed by a smaller team of Library staff until 10pm on weekdays, and throughout opening hours on Saturday and Sunday. The staff will be able to help you with most of your enquiries but may need to refer you to a daytime member of staff for detailed assistance.

Finding Information

For specialised help in finding information in your subject area, each School has its own Academic Librarian to offer support and guidance.

Academic librarians are available to assist all University staff and students to find and use information resources effectively, develop library collections to meet your needs and to be your contact point for any information related enquiry.  They have all developed expertise in the subject areas of their Schools and are very happy to help.

Study Spaces

The Library has a range of different study spaces, from silent and quiet spaces to group and social areas. There are also a number of spaces that you can book online including grpup study rooms, bookable booths on Level 4 and individual study carrels on Levels 1 & 2 . Ask at the Enquiry Desk to be shown how to book these rooms yourself.

IT Facilities

There are 250 PCs (excluding those dedicated to accessing Library Catalogue Plus) available in the Library with the majority of these located on Levels 3 & 4. The Library also has a wireless network throughout the building, enabling users to connect to the University’s network from their laptops.

The Library provides basic A4/A3 monochrome and colour printing/copying facilities. Before being able to print or copy you will need to purchase printer credits. You can pay for this at the main Enquiry Desk on Level 3 of the Library.

PC Clinic

The Student PC Clinic is now situated on Level 3 of the Library and is available to help with any IT queries you may have. It is staffed during standard office hours through until 6PM (Monday – Friday) and is open 12pm-2pm at weekends.

Leisure Reading

Here at the Library we’re championing leisure reading! Why? Well, not only is reading for pleasure a great mood enhancer, it’s also strongly linked to academic achievement. So, if you want to give your grades a boost, why not come and browse our dedicated Leisure Reading Collection? The Collection comprises a broad range of genres including contemporary fiction, graphic novel, biography, memoir, crime, fantasy, horror and science fiction – something to suit all tastes!

Student Book Club

For anyone who talking about books, we run our very own book club launched  exclusively for students. If you enjoy reading novels and exchanging views in a friendly and relaxed environment we meet during term time in the Library, dates will be confirmed soon. For more information email Sharon Reid.

Borrowing Books Over the Summer Vacation

Pilkington library after refurbishmentWith the end of term and another Academic Year rapidly approaching, those of you who will be returning next year are doubtless already starting to stock up with some books to tide you over the vacation, so this week we’ve rolled out our Summer Vacation loan period as follows:

  • All Ordinary and Week Loan books now borrowed by current First and Second Year Undergraduates will be issued with the return date of 5th October.
  • All Ordinary and Week Loan books borrowed by Postgraduate students will be issued with the return date of 7th October.
  • Current Finalists – those completing their studies this term – who still wish to borrow books should note that their books will be issued only until the end of term on 15th June – and don’t forget to clear your Library account with us before you go!

Maximum numbers of book loans remain the same for all users during the vacation (details available here).

High Demand books retain their status throughout the vacation and are not included in the vacation loan extension.

Please note that ALL books are subject to recall during the summer vacation if requested by another user, so if you borrow books for the holiday please keep an eye on your Loughborough student email account as that is where we will be sending the reminder to. Fines will accrue if recalled books are not returned!

Don’t forget that we’re still open during the summer even when you’re not here, so if you need to pop in or contact us, you can find a list of our vacation opening hours on the Library homepage.

Enjoy your summer!

Finalists – Don’t Forget to Clear Your Library Account With Us!

D3415-26If you’re about to finish your final year with us at Loughborough University there is one last very important thing to do – make sure your Library account is clear!

Make sure that you return all library material on loan to you, and clear any outstanding fines, as soon as possible after your last examination. You should also present your student card to be cleared at the Library, even if you have no material on loan.

The Library is required to notify departments of any students who have NOT returned books and paid any fines by the time their Board of Examiners meets. Any outstanding debts will be passed to Finance and could result in debt recovery action.

You may check your borrower record on any catalogue terminal in the Library or by accessing your Library record online, but you must still present your card to be cancelled. Please do not leave it until the last minute, in case there is any query. Please also ensure your department knows where to contact you if necessary.

If you have any queries about your Library record or this process, please contact the User Services Manager directly via email:

Changes to the Inter-Library Loan Service

3rd - USB Book DriveDuring the coming month we will be phasing in some changes to our Inter-Library Loan ordering service.

From Monday 20th June we will be phasing out the old style paper request slips and switching to a wholly online system using an electronic order form.

The present online order form has been improved, and now includes the following information for users:

  • The form is now clearer and contains more explanation for the reader of the how the ILL service works.
  • When the reader submits a request using the form, he/she now receives an automatic request-confirmation e-mail giving the details of the item that he/she has requested.
  • As the form is completely online, there is no need for the reader to print it out, sign it, and submit it in person.

In order to use the form, the reader must sign in with their Loughborough University usernames and passwords. If you do not have a current username and password, please contact

We have also improved our system for supplying documents in PDF format.  If a reader requests a copy of an article, it is sometimes possible for us to obtain it in the form of a secure PDF. In the past, these secure PDFs have required specialized software in order to be downloaded.  We are now using a different service from British Library On Demand, which means that the reader no longer needs this specialized software.

However, the reader must be registered with BL On Demand: they must uses a BL On Demand username and password to access their PDFs.  Full instructions for readers on how to register with BL On Demand and how to download PDFs are available here:

If you have an queries, please consult the Inter-Library Loan Service page, or contact