University Road Closed, Saturday 25th March 7.30-10.30am

This Saturday 25th March University Facility Management shall be tarmacking across a stretch of University Road following the replacement of a water main between Telford Hall and the Wolfson Building. This means that University Road will be closed between Pilkington Library and University Lodge on Saturday 25th March 7.30am until 10.30am approximately. 

The bus service will still run but will enter the campus off Epinal Way loop round Margaret Keay Road  back onto University Road and out of the Epinal Way entrance. They will then go up Ashby road to the roundabout down Holywell Way to Holywell Park bus stop and then reverse the route. Please note that the bus stops on University Road shall not be in use during these times apart from the stop opposite Rutland Building. 

Visitors arriving by car will only be able to access the Library Car Park through the Holywell Park/Burleigh Court entrance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Campus Telephone System Upgrade – Loss of Service 18th-20th November & 2nd-4th December

iPhone-3-D4236-5521-670x216IT Services will be carrying out essential maintenance to the campus telephone system during November and December to upgrade systems to allow the planned video conferencing project to commence. The scheduled works will result in loss of service. All telephones and telephone services, voicemail, fax and Jabber will be unavailable for extended periods of time during both weekends and should be considered unavailable for the extent advertised. Telephones on campus will be out of operation and callers from off campus will hear an error tone.

The timescale for the work is as follows:

  • 18th-20th November: From 18:00 on the Friday  to 22:00 on the Sunday.
  • 2nd-4th December: From 18:00 on the Friday through to 22:00 on the Sunday.

As part of the campus telephone system, the Library will be effected by this work. As such, on all of these dates, users will be unable to contact the Library by means of telephone. However, alternative methods of communication are available:

  • The Library’s social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email, via our Ask A Librarian service.
  • Face to face, via any of our Enquiry Desks (we don’t bite!)

If you find you need to renew a book on any of these dates, you can do so via the following methods:

  • In the Library, via the Level 3 User Services Desk.
  • In the Library, via logging into one of the Self Service machines on Levels 1-3 – you will need your ID card to log in to the machines.
  • Online, by logging into your user account via Library Catalogue Plus, using your University username and password, and using the renewal option.
  • Email, via Ask A Librarian, or directly contacting one of the User Services Team evening & weekend supervisors.

During the specified maintenance periods, campus security will be contactable in the event of emergency on 0800 526966.

Other IT systems and services should remain unaffected.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Water Main Repair Work Outside Library on Wednesday 23rd November

D3415-26University Facilities Management will be carrying out an urgent repair on the main water pipe that feeds many buildings on campus, including the Library. This work is aimed to commence at 10am and it is hoped will be completed by 4pm.

The Library will be making alternative arrangements for its water supply during this time so we should not be unduly affected. However, we shall immediately alert all users and visitors should this situation change. Fingers crossed!

You Said, We Did – In the Summer Time!


‘In the Summer time

When the weather was hot

Down at the Library

We did quite a lot’*

The Library recieves feedback from its users in a number of different ways: through surveys carried out, through individual comments and via staff/student committees. We endevour to take account of our users’ views on our services when prioritising work over the Summer. This summer has proved to be no different! We have completed a number of projects to improve the services we offer:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi. We have worked with colleagues in IT Services to improve the wi-fi signal on Levels 3 & 4 of the Library.
  • Installed plug sockets on desks. The desks on Levels 1 and 2 of the Library didn’t have any plug sockets on them. We worked with colleagues in Facilities Management to ensure the majority of desks on this floor either have sockets on the tables themselves or are next to a socket if next to the windows. This will give people more flexibility about where they can sit.
  • Extra Group Study Room. We have converted one of our staff Consultation Rooms into a fifth Group Study Room on Level 4. This can be booked on our online room booking system as  Group Study Room 4E.
  • Changed all the PCs in the Group Study Rooms. Colleagues in IT Services and Teaching Support have installed mini NUK Pcs in all the Group Study Rooms to replace the awkward, bulkier PCs in the cabinets.
  • Changed the booking slots for single Study Carrels. Students told us they struggled to use our single study carrels as they were only available in 3 hour slots and so were no use if you had a 9am lecture. We have changed the booking slots to hourly bookings in the same way all the other resources are to resolve this problem.

Hopefully you will agree there has been a lot of action as a result of your feedback. If you have any questions about the improvements or would like to leave feedback on any other issue, please feel free to fill out one of our suggestion cards on L3 or email Matt Cunningham, the User Services Manager (

*with apologies to Mungo Jerry!

University Open Days & the Library 23rd-24th September

amyzhengThe University will be holding Open Days on Friday 23rd September and Saturday 24th September. Visitors, students and staff should be aware that campus, and in particular the Library, will likely be extremely busy on both days.

The Library will again be hosting several displays and stands by other support services within the University on both days, and will be taking up temporary residence this week on Level 3. As such, certain study areas on this level will be unavailable during this time.

Open Day June 2016 image by Amy Zheng.

Building Work in the Library During June/July

IMG_0057Some building works will be commencing in the Library this week which will last for the rest of the month and into July.

Starting today, electrical contractors will begin working on Levels 1 & 2 on a project that is anticipated will last for a month. From Monday 20th June to Wednesday 22nd June, Level 1 will be closed entirely to users. We will be operating a collection service for items users may wish to borrow from Level 1 from the User Services Desk on Level 3 – please ask a member of staff.

This work will continue in stages throughout the rest of the month, and may involve other parts of the Levels 1 and 2 being closed to users, but we anticipate that Level 1 will be partly open to users again from Thursday 23rd June.

Please note that this work will involve some heavy duty drilling and will therefore result in a lot of noise throughout the Library – we apologise in advance for the inconvenience.

Also starting on Monday 20th will be some painting work, primarily on Level 3 in the entrance and lobby area, and also on Level 4. This will be on going throughout the week. Barriers will be in place to keep users away from any wet paint.

On Wednesday 22nd June we will begin setting up for the University Open Days on Friday 24th June & Saturday 25th June. During this time, the left hand side of Level 3 (opposite the High Demand section) will be temporarily unavailable to users while we rearrange the furniture to make room for display spaces. On Monday 27th June, this same area will be made temporarily unavailable while we put everything back.

Please be aware that University Open Days are always very popular and campus becomes extremely busy with visitors – bear this in mind especially if you are travelling to campus by car.

On Monday 27th June contractors will begin work on the ducting in the Silent Study Area on Level 4. This work will take approximately 3 days. During this work the Silent Study Area will be unavailable to users. This work will also likely involve some noise and disruption.

We will keep users up to date with any further developments via our usual social media channels.

Maintenance Work in the Library Entrance on Thursday 14th April

D3415-07Contractors will be visiting the Library on Thursday (14th April) to perform maintenance work on the Library entrance doors.

This work will likely entail one of the doors being closed for a time and may cause some disruption in the entrance lobby, but people will still be able to enter and leave the Library.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Building Work in the Library During the Easter Vacation

D3415-07The Library will be undergoing some building work during the Easter vacation.

Beginning Monday 21st March:

  • Furniture engineers will be in to look at issues with some of the chairs on Level 3. The High Demand side of Level 3 (not the High Demand Collection area) will not be available to users as this is where we will put the chairs for them to work on. They are only expected to be on site for one day.
  • Imtech electrical engineers will be in to start rectifying some faults they found with the electrics when they did some recent tests. This work should not be too disruptive but may involve the switching off of power to some areas – we will notify users which areas these will be nearer the time. This work could last up to three weeks and will take place on all floors of the Library.
  • Facilities Management will be working on the pipework in the Library’s gents toilets. Only one gents toilet block at a time will be worked on and this work is not expected to last more than four days.

From Monday 4th April work will resume on the Wi-Fi improvement project. This work will be taking place on Levels 3 and 4 of the Library and will involve some drilling. The contractors doing the work will be doing any drilling first thing in the mornings. This work is expected to take up to two weeks.