Printer Credit Refunds for Finalists

Pilkington library after refurbishmentAs Summer Term & the Academic Year draw to a close we start to receive queries from Finalists asking about getting their printer credit refunded. Refunds can be obtained by visiting the Creative & Print Services Office based in the Herbert Manzoni Building, which is open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm, where they will refund the balance of your account back on to your debit or credit card.

Please be aware that Finalists only can receive a refund – 1st & 2nd Years looking for a little extra holiday cash should look elsewhere! – and that once you have received your refund you will have closed your University print account permanently – you won’t be able to log in & print on campus thereafter. Bear that in mind if you think you might need to do any last minute printing!

Study Space Guidance During 24-7

05 Level 424-7 hasn’t even begun yet and the Library is already getting extremely busy. To avoid any undue frustration when seeking somewhere suitable to study, please consider the following information & advice:

  • The Library contains over 1300 study spaces ranging from silent to social spread across four levels. To make certain every space is used properly, during 24-7 Library staff will clear items from unattended desks regularly during office hours. All items removed are kept securely in the Customer Services Office on Level 3.
  • Please consider what sort of space you want to use carefully. Many of the tables on Level 3 are intended for several people at a time – please use the single study desks on the lower levels if you are set on working on your own. Remember that Levels 1,2 & 4 are intended for quiet study, so Level 3 isn’t the place to sit if you want peace & quiet. Likewise, the other levels are not the place to go if you want to chat and eat lunch while you work!
  • The Silent Study area on Level 4 is for silent study only – the clue is in the title! At all times, please be considerate about the amount of noise you make in the Library while people are studying – Level 3 is the designated social study space. You will be asked to move if you are being noisy & disruptive.
  • Please don’t take up chairs & seating with bags & coats – you will be asked to remove them if people are looking for a seat. Please also be considerate when leaving items on the floor, especially trailing wires from IT equipment – aside from constituting a trip hazard, you may be compromising a fire exit route.
  • Take care with your belongings & valuables – especially remembering to take USB sticks with you when you log out! – and use the bins provided for any rubbish. It may be a cliché, but try to leave any study space as you wish to find it!
  • If you book a Library study room, study carrel or study pod, please remember that if you don’t claim your booking within 15 minutes, the space becomes available to whoever wishes to claim it for the remainder of that booking period. Please also note that Library facilities CANNOT be booked or used by external visitors.
  • If you cannot find the space you are looking for in the Library, alternatives may be found elsewhere on campus. You can find a complete list of available study spaces here: (Please note these are subject to availability)
  • Similarly you can check PC Lab availability, including Library PCs, by visiting the following IT Services link:
  • Should the Library ever reach capacity (goodness forbid!) we will notify users appropriately through our OWN social media channels and if necessary direct them to the alternative facilities mentioned above. We also reserve the right to restrict access to external users during the exam period.

If you experience any difficulties using or accessing Library facilities at all, please contact a member of staff – we’re here to help as much as we can to make this busy time pass as smoothly as possible for all concerned.

Eden Flix Presents… No Impact Man

logoNext Wednesday (27th May) at 3pm the Cope Auditorium will be showing No Impact Man, the latest in the Eden Flix series of socially themed contemporary documentaries.

In November 2006, author Colin Beavan, his wife, Michelle Conlin and their two year-old daughter, Isabella began the No Impact Man project. The goal: to make as little environmental impact as possible while living on lower 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Before the project began, Colin and his family were SUV driving, fast food eating New Yorkers who would assuage their guilt with some good old American retail therapy. But Colin grew weary of his political convictions not lining up with his personal habits. So, in order to “walk the talk,” he decided for his next book to embrace a carbon-free, environmental friendly lifestyle and call himself “No Impact Man.” For starters, that would mean no trash, no electricity, no cars, no TV, and no buying anything new for an entire year.

The documentary feature film, No Impact Man, by Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein, presents an intimate emotional portrait of a couple struggling through a severe and protracted change in their way of life. Over the course of one year, the filmmakers documented what happens to Colin and Michelle’s emotional life as they alter their entire lifestyle. How do they cope with the constant stress and intermittent crises of such a rigorous way of living? Or, perhaps, when life is pared down, do some things become unexpectedly better and even easier?

The showing is free, but booking is necessary – to do that, visit this link:

24-7 Starts On Thursday…

Pilkington library after refurbishment

It’s that time again! Summer-time means exam time, and that in turn means that the Library will opening its doors 24-7 for the rest of term, starting from 8.30am on Thursday morning (21st May) and running through until midnight on Wednesday 17th June.

As is customary, we’d like to issue a few gentle reminders for those of you who haven’t experienced the full Summer 24-7 effect before. Space is ALWAYS at a premium during exam time, and sadly there are always a few who feel the need to take up more space than they actually need – even when they’re not actually in the building! So please, be kind and considerate and don’t leave your stuff lying about when you’re not there, as you’re depriving other people of a much-needed place to study. We WILL be removing any items left unattended to free up space (assuming someone else doesn’t help themselves to your stuff first!).

We’d also like to remind you that Levels 1,2 and 4 are intended to be areas for quiet study – please remember to keep the noise levels down to an absolute minimum on these floors, or you will be asked (nicely, by us, probably not so nicely by your fellow revisers!) to desist. If you want to chat – or have a snack – Level 3 is the designated social area.

Our bookable study rooms, carrels and pods are pretty busy even off-peak, but during exam periods they’re especially popular. Please remember that you have to book them first before you can use one – don’t just turn up and sit down assuming the space is available, because it probably isn’t! And if you do book a space, please remember to actually come and use it. We give people 15 minutes to claim their reservation, otherwise we will allow someone else to use it – it’s simply not fair on other students to leave rooms unclaimed & unused.

Please remember, if you experience any problems at all regarding any of the Library facilities, just ask a member of staff, or contact us through our Twitter and Facebook feeds – we’re here to help you as best we can. As mentioned in the post below, we are unfortunately experiencing some difficulties with our air conditioning system at the moment, so please bear with us on that.

Best of luck with your exams!

Library Air Conditioning Issues

Pilkington library after refurbishmentOwing to circumstances beyond our control, the Library is presently experiencing problems with its air conditioning system, resulting from issues with the air flow to and from the building cooling plant. We are working closely with colleagues from University Facilities Management to resolve these issues, but unfortunately they are unable to provide a time frame for when the situation will be dealt with.

The unsettled weather we are presently experiencing may result in some fluctuations with the building temperature, particularly in some study areas. Obviously this is not ideal as we enter the hectic end of term exam season when the Library will be particularly busy & the building fully occupied. We can only apologise for any inconvenience and ask you to bear with us while we get the problem dealt with. In the mean time, if you are studying in the Library you might want to consider bringing an extra layer of clothing with you in case the rain and the temperature continues to fall (!) and making sure you keep topped up with water should summer start to show its sunny face again!

We will keep you informed of any updates as & when work progresses.

Like Cycling? Get the LUFBUG!

lufbugIf you’re a cyclist, you may be interested in going along next week to a free maintenance workshop being run by the Loughborough University Bicycle Users Group (or LUFBUG for short).

LUFBUG are running another lunch time cycle maintenance workshop next Wednesday (20th May) from just before 1pm until about 2pm. Once again this is being held at the Landscaping and Gardening Society shed at the rear of car park 5 and Mark Newell will be on hand to offer help and advice on bike repair issues. The previous sessions they’ve run have been very popular.

So if you’ve got a wobbly seat or dodgy brakes and want to see how they can be fixed, pop on over with your bike and they’ll try to take a look at it. It will be done on a “first come, first served” basis and is open to everyone; staff, students, tenants and local residents. Keen/expert cyclists are also welcome to come along to help with the advice and repairs!

LUFBUG seeks to improve conditions for cyclists on campus and to encourage more University staff and students to cycle, and encourage all sections of the University to adopt cycle-friendly policies and practices. To find out more, visit the LUFBUG site here:

4 Levels 6 Seconds – Take Our Vine Challenge!


Every year the Library holds a competition and this year the focus is to create a short video (Vine). We would like a Vine that captures 6 seconds of what makes your University Library great! 

We are keen to ensure our media presence is useful, providing news and information about our services but we also want it to be eye catching, engaging and relevant for students, staff and prospective students and this is where you come in.

Maybe you want us to highlight the many resources we have, show off our refurbished spaces or perhaps you simply want us to be more fun.

Whatever your take we want your Vine!

Our 2015 competition will run from April 27th to May 15th 2015

  • Entrants can submit up to 3 of your own Vines.
  • Each entry must have a title and may include an optional description.
  • There are no restrictions in the use of any digital enhancements.
  • The competition is open to Loughborough University employees and students.
  • Entrants must obtain permission from anyone appearing in their entry.

When Vines are submitted, entrants to the competition should provide their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and also their position in the University and where the Vine was taken. The University Library will only ever use your personal details for the purposes of administering this competition, and will not publish them or provide them to anyone without your permission.

We will select a number of Vines to go on our Facebook page and then the University Library marketing group will make the final decision. Selection will take place at the end of May and a message will be placed on our Facebook page.

The 3 best entries will receive £20 Amazon vouchers each.

Entries should be sent as an email attachment to by May 15th 2015.

For further details and rules & conditions, visit this link:

International Students Book Club Poetry Evening


The International Student Book Club will be meeting again next Tuesday evening (19th May) in the Library between 5-6pm, when Mike Wilson from the Workers’ Educational Authority will be leading a discussion about poetry.

The discussion will focus on two poems, Edward Thomas’s Adlestrop and Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, both reproduced above.

If you would like to know more, please email Sara Bosley ( ). All students are welcome to the established Loughborough University Student Book Club where we discuss longer novels. For more information, please contact Sharon Reid at the Library ( ) or why not join the discussion at the Club’s Facebook page?

Mental Health Awareness Week at the LSU


The Student Union is participating in a local initiative to raise awareness of mental health this week – particularly relevant at this busy time of year for students!

The Charnwood Mental Health network, which is made up of organisations from across Charnwood, is supporting the campaign to encourage people to take time out of their daily routines to relax and help improve their wellbeing. The activities will take place from Monday, May 11th to Friday, May 15th. The full timetable of events is displayed above. Activities will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Don’t forget that the Library has a wide variety of different resources to help you cope with the stresses and strains of academic life, including an extensive range of self-help reading among our Mood Boosting and Books on Prescription range on the shelves of our Leisure Reading section up on Level 4.

For more information on Mental Health Awareness Week visit

Beyond Words at the Loughborough Town Hall


A new exhibition begins in the the Sock Gallery at the Loughborough Town Hall this week, in which 21 artists from the local collective Artspace Loughborough interpret the title ‘Beyond Words’.

Artists were encouraged to respond in their own way. Many have been inspired by memories of emotions beyond words whether this is a memory of an intense experience like swimming underwater, or a reaction to the beauty of nature, or observing other people’s relationships. Some are reactions to our social media and mobile phone-obsessed world. One artist has painted her surprising feeling of peace during a period when she couldn’t speak! Some works will contain actual words as part of the visual experience.

Artspace Loughborough was established in 1997 by graduates, mostly of Loughborough College of Art and Design, as a support network for local artists and as a means of putting on exhibitions. Some of the artists will be in the gallery on Saturday 16th May, between 1.00-3.00pm if you have any questions about the theme of the exhibition or how the artists created their work.

The exhibition is open from 14th May until 27th June. The Sock Gallery is open Monday to Saturday between 9am-5pm. Admittance is free.