Suggestion about toilet provision in LIbrary

Thank you for the suggestion about the need for more toilets in the Library. In 2013, as part of the refurbishment, the number was increased from 20 to 39. At exam times, the Library building is especially heavily used, including the bathrooms! Your suggestion has been noted and will be taken into account when further opportunities arise to improve the Library building.


Maintenance Work in the Library Beginning February

IMGP7883Beginning on Monday 2nd February Facilities Management will be replacing two aging chiller units in the basement of the Library building Plant Room.

These units are being replaced during the colder winter period as the cooling units are not deemed as necessary so much at this time. It is hoped the Library will be able to have a more stable temperature once these poorly performing units have been replaced.

This work is expected to be finished by Friday 17th April. It is not anticipated that this work will cause much noise or disruption to the Library in general as it will be carried out via the loading bay at the rear of the building. However the access road between the Library and the entrance to the Village Bar may be blocked at times while the contractors carry out the work.

The First Rule of Club 790 Is… To Tell Everyone About Club 790!


Club 790 meets again in February when the book up for discussion will be Chuck Palahniuk’s hard-hitting (no pun intended!) cult 1996 novel Fight Club.

The Club will be meeting at 7pm on Monday 9th February in the Library Staff Room.

Copies are presently available to borrow from the L3 desk, or alternately you can purchase a copy for £3.59 if you own a Kindle.

For more information, please contact Sharon Reid at the Library, or why not visit our Facebook page and join the discussion there?

Library Change Machine Out of Action

Pilkington library after refurbishment

We regret to say that the Change Machine situated on Level 3 of the Library near the Café is out of order and likely to remain so for some time. Please be aware that both the Café and the Level 3 Customer Services Desk don’t keep a lot of change in their tills, so we may not be able to oblige you if you ask there.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Library suggestion card – smoking outside the Library

As users may have seen, the University has decided to make the area directly outside the Library a no smoking area.

Despite the A-board and signage that has been added and the construction of a designated smoking shelter across the road, people still occassionally huddle under the canopy to protect themselves from the elements.

Library staff do periodically go outside and inform smokers that they need to go across the road. If you encounter any problems, please either ask a member of staff at the counter or email the Customer Services Manager.

Keep Calm – and Get Organised!


The LSU Education and Welfare teams are running a Keep Calm campaign all this week to help you remain as stress free as possible during the exam period.They will be providing revision tips and free water, fruit, revision planners and stress balls at the following places this week, including twice here at the Library.

Monday 12th January – Pilkington Library

Tuesday 13th January – James France

Wednesday 14th January – Pilkington Library

Thursday 15th January – LSU

Friday 16th January – Haslegrave

There’s also Puppy Petting at LSU on Wednesday 14th January and a Crafternoon between 12 noon and 2pm on Thursday 15th January at LSU.

Welcome Back to 24-7!

Pilkington library after refurbishment

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are all set for the start of term. And as the New Year heralds the beginning of the exam season, the Library will commence its 24-7 opening period beginning this evening and ending at midnight on Wednesday 27th.

We’d like to issue a few gentle reminders for those of you who haven’t experienced 24-7 before. Space is ALWAYS at a premium during exam time, and sadly there are always a few who feel the need to take up more space than they actually need – even when they’re not actually in the building! So please, be kind and considerate and don’t leave your stuff lying about when you’re not there, as you’re depriving other people of a much-needed place to study. We WILL be removing any items left unattended to free up space (assuming someone else doesn’t help themselves to your stuff first!).

We’d also like to remind you that Levels 1,2 and 4 are intended to be areas for quiet study – please remember to keep the noise levels down to an absolute minimum on these floors, or you will be asked (nicely, by us, probably not so nicely by your fellow revisers!) to desist. If you want to chat – or have a snack – Level 3 is the designated social area.

Our bookable study rooms, carrels and pods are pretty busy even off-peak, but during exam periods they’re especially popular. Please remember that you have to book them first before you can use one – don’t just turn up and sit down assuming the space is available, because it probably isn’t! And if you do book a space, please remember to actually come and use it. We give people 15 minutes to claim their reservation, otherwise we will allow someone else to use it – it’s not fair on other students to leave rooms unclaimed.

If you experience any problems at all regarding any of the Library facilities, just ask a member of staff – we’re here to help you as best we can.

Best of luck with your exams!

Early Christmas present for Loughborough University Library staff!

Loughborough University Library wishes all its users a great Christmas and New Year. Thank you to the 450 people who completed our recent user survey. We are delighted that 97% of respondents strongly or slightly agree that the Library provides a good level of service. This is an increase by 9% from 2009 and is just the Christmas present Library staff need. We look forward to seeing you all in 2015!Library staff group