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Loughborough Sustainability go plastic free

The Loughborough University Sustainability Team ditched the disposables, cut the cartons and shunned the straw as they took on the Marine Conservation Society’s #GoPlasticFree challenge.

Top tips for quick & easy printing

May is just around the corner and it’s always a busy time for the staff in Creative & Print Services. Every year we print and bind hundreds of pieces of coursework for students.

10 ways we’ve improved student life at Loughborough

Having a great student experience is key to our success at Loughborough. We’re always investing into campus and listening to feedback to improve the things you think are important. Here are 10 ways we improved your student life last year.

Busy Loughborough Bees

At the Fruit Routes summer event I was able to visit the bees on campus. Equipped with protective clothing and gloves I was standing in the middle of hundreds of bees swarming out of their beehive.

Celebrating #WorldPhysicalActivityDay at Loughborough

#WorldPhysicalActivityDay has been trending on Twitter today, 6 April. Sometimes this feels like every day on our campus, but to celebrate we’ve brought together some of our favourite photos of both physical activity and sports facilities on campus. This aerial photo of campus shows just a small fraction of the sporting facilities available to our students. […]

The Great British Bake Off comes to Loughborough

Today saw the annual “Great Geography Charity Bake Off” with a special guest judge – Howard Middleton. You may remember Howard from series 4 of the Great British Bake Off!