A short survey on e-tools – what you use, what you don’t, what you tried and what you’ve binned…

I’ve set up a short, no really, it is short, survey to help me get a handle on the kinds of web2.0 or e-tool resources you have or don’t have experience of.

If you’re using it and like it, I would like to support it and give it wider marketing across campus. If I like it, but you’re not using it, I need to know why so that I can decide whether to promote it, and so on. Basically, you’d be helping me provide you with the tools and support you feel you need.

Sound reasonable? OK, here’s the survey – thanks for taking part.

p.s. there may be slight nagging ahead. If you’ve been good and filled in the survey, please don’t take the nagging to heart. The Delete key will be your friend 🙂

About Martin

Research e-Resource Officer at Lboro, based in the Research Office with responsibilities in the Graduate School, and close collaboration with the e-Learning Team (Teaching Centre) and the Library.
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