Huw Edwards: Should the UK remain in a Customs Union?

The debate over ‘what kind of Brexit?’ seems to be reaching an important tipping point, with the Labour party now joining with pro-European Tories and the Confederation of British Industry in recommending one particular form of ‘soft Brexit’: namely, that the UK should remain in a Customs Union (or something similar) with the European Union.Read more

Mark Butterick: HR and Employment Law Predictions for 2018

As life gets back to some kind of normality following the Christmas holidays it seems like a good time to take a look in to a crystal ball and consider the key HR and employment law themes that might influence workplaces and wider society the most during 2018. In some respects a perfect storm couldRead more

David T Llewellyn: Changing the culture of banking

“Over the past 20 years, the norms of behaviour in important parts of the banking sector have fallen below what the public has a right to expect” “A loss of trust in the banking sector as a whole has broad and damaging consequences”  — Consultation Paper, Banking Standards Review, February 2014 The focus of thisRead more

Silvia Masiero: Women’s income generation through mobile internet

The link between the diffusion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and women’s empowerment, with particular reference to developing country contexts, is being leveraged in the formulation of global development policies. The World Development Report 2016 states that ICTs allow women to participate more easily in the labor market, enacting mechanisms of empowerment based onRead more

Crispin Coombs: Who will win the battle of the workplace – robots or humans?

This question has prompted considerable debate in the popular media and prompted the CIPD to commission research by Donald Hislop, Crispin Coombs, Stanimira Taneva and Sarah Barnard at Loughborough University School of Business and Economics to find out what current research says. Our findings show there is useful guidance for business and society but thinkingRead more

Randall M Wigle: A ‘quick’ British-American trade deal? Not a chance

This Blog post was published in The Conversation on 22nd November 2017 – written by SBE’s Visiting Professor of Economics Randall Wigle from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada Being a Canadian sabbatical visitor in the United Kingdom this year has allowed me to witness Brexit politics at close hand. As an economist, I’ve found it fascinating.Read more

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