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Why the media is wrong about Brexit (it’s not about ‘hard’ or ‘soft’)

Professor Alistair Milne at the SBE has just written a new blog post for The UK in a Changing Europe, published today, about why the CBI are right in calling for an extended negotiation with the EU over Britain’s exit. He writes: “In a recent speech Carolyn Fairbairn and Rain Newton Smith of the Confederation […]

Inflated pay for bankers: A problem with IT?

Why do some bankers get paid so much more than others with similar levels of expertise in other professions, e.g.: engineering, information technology, journalism? There are two main answers: technology and technology. listen to ‘Alistair Milne blog’ on Audioboo // Asset management and investment banking (unlike, for example, the retailing industries (books, CDs, clothing) or hotels, travel and tourism […]