Eric Pentecost: Contagion within and without of the Euro zone

One of the claims of Euro zone membership for the southern European countries was that by joining the Euro their governments could borrow at low (northern European) rates of interest. The reason for this was that there would be no exchange rate risk as all borrowing would be in Euros. This argument, however, ignored theRead more

Why Mr Osborn’s spending cuts will not re-balance the economy

Mr Osborn’s Autumn Statement (4th December 2014) showed his resolve to cut the public sector deficit and to ‘re-balance’ the UK economy. Unfortunately cutting spending will not be sufficient to achieve his aim. In addition Mr Osborn needs another policy instrument to switch consumer spending towards domestic production and away from foreign –produced goods andRead more

Tax the rich? A comment of Piketty’s ‘Capital’

listen to ‘Eric Pentecost discusses Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the 21st Century’’ on Audioboo // The 685-page volume by Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, charts the empirical pattern of income and wealth inequality in the main capitalist economies over the past 150 years. Although the book is too long, repetitive, poorly written (or at leastRead more

Are austerity measures killing the Euro?

In a public lecture which took place recently at the School, invited speaker Professor Paul de Grauwe  (John Paulson Professor in European Political Economy at LSE) argued that the Euro will collapse unless there is much deeper political integration between the countries in the Euro zone, but as there is little prospect of greater politicalRead more