Should the UK remain in a Customs Union?

This Blog post was written by Dr Huw Edwards. The debate over ‘what kind of Brexit?’ seems to be reaching an important tipping point, with the Labour party now joining with pro-European Tories and the Confederation of British Industry in recommending one particular form of ‘soft Brexit’: namely, that the UK should remain in aRead more

Dr Huw Edwards on the ‘Economists for Free Trade’ report

Economists for Free Trade: Extraordinary Claims Demand Extraordinary Evidence, but they have provided none. In discussing the ‘Economists for Free Trade’ (EFT) ‘report’, I am unfortunately unable to comment upon the numerical and modelling work in any depth, since no technical documents have, to date, been released. (The absence of serious data, model details orRead more

Brexit and the trade debate

For people who want to read an article on UK, EU and Canadian trade that actually has some substance, I would strongly Simon Nixon’s piece in today’s Times. This explains clearly why a ‘Free Trade Area’ such as the old EFTA, or today’s NAFTA, is not synonymous with Free Trade. FTAs have no tariffs betweenRead more

Ukraine’s trade choice is about more than trade

The fall of the Yanukovych government in Ukraine is a remarkable demonstration of the importance of trade agreements in modern geopolitics. Demonstrations in the main square of Kiev – the Euro-Maidan – began late last year, after the then government pulled out of a proposed partnership agreement with the EU in favour of a largeRead more

Deeper integration: Can it TTIP the world into recovery?

While news media focus on the economics of the Euro and the banking system, important things are happening in the European and global economy, with the potential to shape our lives. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations underway at present represent an ambitious attempt to revitalise the flagging Western economies, by removing numerousRead more