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How European academics are feeling about life in Britain after the Brexit vote

Professor Monica Giulietti is interviewed in a new Blog post in The Conversation about how the Brexit vote is affecting European academics working in the United Kingdom. Monica, who is Italian by birth, has been living and working in the UK for nearly 24 years and has been a Professor of Microeconomics at the SBE […]

The art of effective explanation revisited: Lecture delivery in the digital era

When I started lecturing 30 years ago my “training” suggested that the lecture was “the art of the effective explanation”. I liked that – even if, as an inexperienced academic, I really needed someone to effectively explain many of the concepts I was lecturing to me!! The media I used was the pre-handwritten “acetate”, positioned […]

European sovereign bond-backed securities: A dangerous idea

The securitization of European government bonds is likely to increase hierarchies in the Eurozone. Eurobonds represent the most viable path to fiscal solidarity and political union. Recently, European policymakers and representatives of financial institutions met in Paris at a workshop organised by the European Systemic Risk Board, the body which is responsible for the macroprudential […]

An interview with Dermot Turing: Alan Turing’s nephew

We were delighted to welcome Sir John Dermot Turing to our Distinguished Speaker Series, organised by the Centre for Information Management at the SBE. Dermot is a solicitor and consultant with international law firm Clifford Chance, specialising in bank and investment firm regulation with several publications to his name in this area. He is also the nephew […]

What does the Fox say? Exports expert John Cadogan unravels Liam Fox’s comments

So, as reported a little while ago in The Times, Liam Fox, the man charged with negotiating trade deals with other countries post-Brexit, has spoken in an unofficial capacity at a drinks reception in the House of Commons. The audience members were right-wing Tory activists, so maybe Fox’s comments need to be interpreted with this […]

 “Doing good” business: How do organizations attempt to drive positive changes in society?

Business gets a lot of bad press. We are not short of reports of bad behaviour about organizations and their members, from the LIBOR-fixing scandal to the BHS pension deficit. There is no denying that market-based organizations are massively influential within our society, however this influence can also be harnessed in positive ways. So how […]

Reflecting on Rio 2016: SBE staff member and Olympian Laura Whittle

Wow, so the Rio 2016 Olympic Games have now finished, and my Olympic Dream has come true! The final part of my Olympic journey took place in Belo Horizonte where I spent 10 days in the Team GB training camp with “Rio” the SBE bear. Belo Horizonte is the sixth largest city in Brazil and […]

A researcher’s view of Cuba and the 5th World Conference on Production and Operations Management

As an academic researcher, publications and conferences play a major part in our careers and lives. So when you hear back that your paper got accepted at the most prestigious conference in the world in your field, little can contain your excitement and enthusiasm. Especially when its being hosted by EurOma, JOMSA and POMS collaboratively […]

Active learning in lectures – the value of imagery

Not long ago on these pages, in June this year, I outlined the pedagogic research I had been leading at Loughborough University. To recap briefly, I was concerned with the question of student engagement in large group lectures – an issue familiar to many teaching colleagues confronted with the government’s never-ending agenda for High Education […]

How Brexit opened up the Pandora’s box of Italy’s banking malaise

The SBE’s Andrea Lagna has written an interesting post published in The Conversation recently about the affect of the EU Referendum result in June on Italian banking: “Brexit has triggered a financial chain reaction that has also exposed the problems of the Italian banking system. The UK’s decision to leave the EU made investors fearful that […]