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How Brexit opened up the Pandora’s box of Italy’s banking malaise

The SBE’s Andrea Lagna has written an interesting post published in The Conversation recently about the affect of the EU Referendum result in June on Italian banking: “Brexit has triggered a financial chain reaction that has also exposed the problems of the Italian banking system. The UK’s decision to leave the EU made investors fearful that […]

Life after death by PowerPoint

  Probably everyone’s experienced at some time ‘Death by PowerPoint’: a presentation that, rather than engaging your attention, makes you want to run away. Slides packed full of bullet points ‘organizing’ text that appears as a wall of words, and to add insult to injury, the speaker is often duplicating the text. PowerPoint has become […]

The Internet of things: A consumer revolution or security dilemma?

Before the revelations by Edward Snowden (and his journalist collaborators) in 2013 we reasonably assumed that our phone and computer-based communications were not entirely secure, but we had an expectation that there was security in appropriate usage. Such a position was a re-hash of the old maxim that if you had nothing to hide, you […]