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By sacking Ranieri, Leicester City becomes just another football club

I was brought up with the game of football. My lovely sports mad Dad, Kevin, played for the local team alongside legend Joe Corrigan, until Joe was spotted by Manchester City. Sport was a big part of my life growing up, and though I’ve always preferred more creative and academic pursuits myself, Saturday nights would […]

Ranieri was not to blame: ‘Regression Fallacy’ explains the downward trajectory of Leicester City

The headlines on Friday the 24th of February all featured Claudio Ranieri being sacked from Leicester City Football Club – 9 months on from winning the Premiership last year but having had a dismal performance this season. Whilst there are many heated debates around the UK about this – if not the world as Leicester […]

PCPs and customer service

Over the past few months we have been conducting some research into the relationship between sports fans and their respective teams.  Much has been written on the subject referring to the passion and feeling that exists between the supporter and the club.  It was however slightly sad to listen to the England supporters chanting ‘I […]