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Time to get my head down

As an English undergraduate, I do not have to sit exams. Interestingly, many students who do have exams label me as ‘lucky’.

Deciding to live in halls

The ‘Loughborough University Halls Experience’ is something which is hard to explain to those who have never experienced it.

End of exams at Loughborough

After a near apocalyptic month of exams in Loughborough, we have been making the very most of our newly-found freedom.

How to organise your student life- 6 tips for the chaotic

So, Semester Two has come around and most students are already feeling the stress of tackling new challenges and piles upon piles of coursework. As a (mostly) organised student, I thought I’d share some of my best tips on how to keep your head above water whilst you might feel like you’re drowning in deadlines!

A manic month!

It’s my first ever blog and I’m really excited to be sharing my experiences at Loughborough University with you all!

Work hard, party hard, semester 2 here we come!

Looking back to the festive period, right up until the end of January time really has flown. In this blog I hope to remind you just how much there is to do, how important it is to both work hard and play hard, and just how quickly time can pass by.


Thursday 2nd February 2017 marked the day of the worldwide #TimeToTalk campaign which was dedicated to recognising the power of conversation in tackling mental health conditions.

Back at home, back at Loughborough!

Being back in England from study abroad is kind of weird but exciting too. I mean of course I miss Australia, who wouldn’t, but at the same time it’s great to be back; seeing everyone and getting back into the swing of things.

Footprints on the sands of time

It is the start of a new semester and that means normal services have resumed for me. The nice thing about his time of the year is that the days have already been getting noticeably longer which makes my usual routine of early morning so much better.