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Having a blast in Sydney!

I’m in week four of the academic year here in Sydney and I’ve already handed in two bits of coursework- time is flying by so fast!

To settle us in to student housing, there was a massive toga party with lots of food! It was a great ice-breaker and I got to meet a lot of people. Dressing up was exciting, especially because I bought an actual toga, (unlike my past experiences wearing bed sheets which kept falling off).

About three weeks ago, I encountered the most random day of my life. In the afternoon, I left my flat to go out to the local market and buy some vegetables for the week. Instead, I only happened to come back with a ticket to Justin Bieber’s concert for the same evening… and no veg! The funny thing is I’m not even a massive Bieber fan! This was my first ever concert and Biebs was decent, but at times he seemed a little bored! You can check it all out in my vlog.

In March, Hindus around the world were celebrating ‘holi’ (the festival of colours). What I love about living in the heart of Sydney is experiencing and learning about different religions, cultures and traditions. I went to my first ever Holi Festival at Darling Harbour, where I was covered in colours, whilst enjoying some great Indian food and music. At Loughborough, there are always events like this taking place, celebrating diversity.

Another place I visited at the Darling Harbour was the Chinese Garden of Friendship. From the outside, it looks like a tiny office but I was so wrong! I bought a ticket to go in and it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen! There was so much to learn and take in about Chinese spirituality, as well as the scenic beauty.

A few days ago, I was representing Loughborough at the Exchange Fair at UTS. I was basically talking to Australian students who are interested in going to the UK to study on the exchange programme, similar to me. I must admit, it did feel good boasting about our reputation: “We’re ranked 1st for student experience in the UK, 4th in the Guardian University Guide, and we’ve also achieved a number of Queen’s Anniversary Prizes!”.

Now, the serious stuff… studying. The last lecture I had at Loughborough was at the start of January and my lectures in Australia only started in the middle of March, meaning I had been off studying for nearly three whole months! It was tricky getting back into a routine, with 9am starts, weekly readings and prepping for coursework. At Loughborough, I study English and Drama, but I’m on the Media and Communications course at UTS as it’s the closest subject they offer to my home degree.

It’s great that my courses at both unis are 100% coursework based, which means I get to do both theory and practical work. For one of my Media modules, I had to write a short script for film which we’ll soon be bringing to life, so that’s definitely something to look forward to! I’ve been getting in front of the camera for class shoots, and its been super fun! For another module, I have to be a real-life journalist by actually going into the streets and talking to complete strangers to find ORIGINAL, UNPUBLISHED news stories to write on! No pressure!

I’ve currently got an assignment due in a few hours and another in two days, so I better get cracking. Wish me luck!

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