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Back at home, back at Loughborough!

Being back in England from study abroad is kind of weird but exciting too. I mean of course I miss Australia, who wouldn’t, but at the same time it’s great to be back; seeing everyone and getting back into the swing of things.

From having difficulty with transportation in Perth, I sat on the train to Loughborough almost forgetting that I wasn’t going to be sat down for five hours and in fact just one. On the direct train from Sheffield to Loughborough, I spent the last minutes of my journey messaging my friend “can’t wait to see you” and snapping her pictures of me on the train as if she wouldn’t believe me…Only to then nearly miss my station. Thankfully the train services called out “this is Loughborough station”, what a gem.

So back at home, I made my friends celebrate Australia day with me. We had a sausage sizzler, and a maggot cake – not that the Australians eat maggots, but being typically English we kind of related it to “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. Think the girls thought I’d been sleeping rough, going to surf school and adopting pet kangaroos by the sounds of it. I can confirm that is not what happened.

Oh and speaking of seeing old friends and celebrations, I took a quick trip to Nottingham to see one of my closest friends, Frankie as it was her 20th birthday. It was a fun trip and just a twenty minute train journey away. I love that Loughborough’s so easy to access, it means I can also go on shopping trips or nights out in Nottingham, or Leicester, which is just a ten-minute train journey.

I’ve now moved back into halls!  I am staying in William Morris self-catered accommodation, with a super comfy bed and pin board with my Australian pictures and map on, along with my student timetable. William Morris is just across the road from the union, meaning Starbucks Café, the Cooperative and FND are literally two minutes away.

From meeting loads of international students in Australia, I’m now living with French girls in England, which I must admit is very entertaining. I love learning about different cultures and languages; I find it really interesting, so I’m lucky that Loughborough’s very international.

The French girls find it hilarious that I have “salty food” for breakfast, they’re in the kitchen snapping me with my “English breakfast” and recording my “English accent” like I said something worth noting. But in all fairness I’m just as bad, I am so entertained when they start speaking in French randomly or point out what English words are French loanwords.

I have just finished my first week of study for my modules in Production, Costume and Performance Philosophy and (so far) it’s going great (hopefully not jinxing it)!  Loughborough’s Learn website has been and will be a God send for my study, especially with my memory being as bad as it is, as I can refer to my assessment briefs at any time. Learn is a student support page, you can access at any point with your student login. You can access student resources, emails and access module specifications that you can refer back to at any point during the semester.

This week I have also been auditioning for Loughborough’s Stage Society! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a call back for my first audition. However, one thing Loughborough has taught me is to never give up and keep trying, because you could be rejected a million times in life but that shouldn’t stop you. So I didn’t stop and fortunately I got a call back for another audition I attended.

In my opinion, you should take auditions or lessons at university as a fun learning experience. University is really a fantastic place where you can develop as an individual, develop your career and social skills, and sometimes a little failure is part of that development.

I have additionally volunteered to help with costume design for Shakespeare society, and got myself back at Holywell gym (exercise was needed after the 500 Australian BBQ’s).  Holywell is about a 10 min walk from my accommodation, but that just adds to my walk count so it’s not bad at all…

As a very new thing, I’ve started going to the Junction Church on campus. It’s like an upbeat church, that relates to a younger current audience. It’s a bit like going to a small concert, or like FND at the very start of the night maybe? In all honesty, I’m not incredibly religious, which may sound a bit weird. But for a lot of people, including myself, it’s about the positive vibes, the lessons and the community.  I believe in a higher power and becoming a better person.

At first when my friend told me about this Junction Church I thought it wouldn’t be my thing, but it completely surprised me (in a good way). It’s a really great way to take time away from studying and kind of evaluate your position as an individual. In a way, it’s kind of similar to one of the reasons why I choose Loughborough in the first place, because it’s such a friendly environment. Loughborough being as sporty as it is creates an upbeat student attitude, where witnessing sporting activities just on your walk to class becomes a positive nudge towards achievement.

Wishing you all luck in 2017. It’s going to be great!

Gemma x

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