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A degree opens many doors

University is a brilliant place to try loads of new things and culture the things you already enjoy.

Staying open-minded

My A2’s were History, English and Art. (AS Physics and Maths). History and English became my degree, whilst my love of creative pursuits continued in my own time. My logical mind stems into organisation (yes, I’m one of those people who colour-codes everything).

If you haven’t already had the questions: “so what do you want to do after university?” “What’s next?” and in the case of my degree “so you’re going to be a teacher? Writer? Journalist?” Followed by my response “no” and internal response “Please don’t put me in a box because of my degree. A degree opens many doors!”.


Being involved in multiple clubs and societies helped develop my skills, from determination to charisma, and allowed me to discover what I really want to do.

Employer’s value spending your long summer holidays constructively; so go on holiday, travel, but also work. I took internships with real estate agents, jewellery designers, and interior designers, as well as travelling high into the Himalayas for an adventurous 6-week mountaineering leadership programme.

The next chapter

So now I know my calling; working as an interior designer. On Monday 11th September I’ll be starting an intensive 10-week interior design course at KLC. The course takes place at Chelsea Harbour, I’m super excited and a little nervous (in a good way). Totally ready for the hard work because I know I’ve found the right thing for me. Without my degree and all I’ve developed through my time at university, I wouldn’t be where I am. Don’t let anyone tell you that just because of your degree you have to ‘pick’ a certain job: the world is your oyster.

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History and English graduate from Berkshire. Describe Loughborough University in one word? Diverse.