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Jumping my way through University

So I’m all settled into the new semester and still incredibly excited to be back! Although, things are sometimes a bit tough with balancing the social and academic calendar… After Stuesday, Hey Ewe and my birthday last week, I felt very guilty for not being fully committed to my work. This week I decided to be a good student and completely concentrate on the academic side of things. BAD IDEA. The key is balance!

Without breaks, I struggle far more writing essays; it’s hard to shake that negative thinking. For example, Friday night I was feeling quite down for no apparent reason and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. So I did my hair, cleaned my room, cleaned the kitchen, and sat down and wrote a decent amount of my essay… It was literally more than I had written all week and just because I was in a positive mood.

So next week my plan is to do something fun each day, putting me in the right frame of mind before working! Here’s a few fun and interesting things that Loughborough has to offer…

  1. Going out for a meal. My drama friend and I are completely and utterly obsessed with The Basin; which offers Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine. If you’re a big fan of sushi and or cocktails I highly recommend it! We seem to go there nearly every week, but last week we actually mixed it up a little bit and made a pit stop at Bella Italia for that spicy chicken pizza! The waitress actually asked us ‘Is there anything else you’d like to order’ three times, as kind of a hint that we had been there too long…
  1. Take a trip to the Odeon or the newly built Cineworld. Last night I went on a stage social to see the film Logan. It was great, even if we were sitting way too close to the screen. Tip – If you go to see a film that has just come out, maybe buy your tickets in advance… I remember when the Cineworld complex with Starbucks and Pizza Express had first been built; my friends and I spent an entire day there; sufficiently taking advantage of Loughborough!

  1. YOGA!? Yoga is great for your health, mindfulness and improves your range in motion. Loughborough offers free sessions with your gym membership, or during mental health week! I usually go about 12:30 on a Friday before my lecture.
  1. LSU! Loughborough Student Union – So recently we celebrated International Women’s week and Loughborough Women’s Network invited students to ‘an entire week of celebrating’. From discussions on exploring gender, intersectionality, self-care workshops to the great women’s festival on Wednesday. Definitely a cool break and something different…
  1. Costa Coffee study date? Or even Starbucks at the Student’s Union. I actually find working with friends or being on your own, out with a coffee more like a social trip than work, and I surprisingly end up getting more work done!
  1. Jumping Giants! Now I haven’t actually been here myself, but I heard its super fun and just outside of Loughborough. Basically it’s a trampoline park and I kind of want to go. I’m all about the kid’s life and as my friend said it’s a great way to go ‘jumping from your problems’.
  1. Have a pizza night! Feeling good about yourself doesn’t just come down to expensive meals and cinema trips. It can come down to something as little as treating yourself to pizza, Ben and Jerry’s (love those men) or even something as little as fixing your hair like I did… One of my good friends is constantly doing little things like this, the other day it was ‘I’ve decided it’s not sad to buy myself flowers’ which I think is great.

So yeah, there’s my plan sorted, totally going to have to do one of these suggestions each week! Well now my blog has put me in a positive mood, might just start my essay…

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