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The drama of drama!

So it’s now Easter break and I’ve just handed in the last of my work for this term – where’s the champagne?!?

(That’s a hint mum). Anyway, even though it’s really chilled going back home and seeing everyone, I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the semester. I’m still very much in love with my Drama course. It’s the perfect balance between theoretical and practical. It means I don’t get too bored of writing, reading and researching, nor do I feel I need a break from the stage.

In drama, no I haven’t been cast as “a tree” (unfortunately – it would cut a lot of my lines down) and yes I do “actually work”. Compared to secondary school, I actually enjoy going to a lot of my lectures, especially seminars and group projects!

For my modules, I take Performance Philosophy, Production and Costume Design (the optional module). The alternative to Costume Design was Voice and Text, which I heard is fantastic for training your voice, especially when working on articulation. However, I chose Costume Design because I have previously taken a similar type of class. I now get to design and make a costume for Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I can’t lie, I’m enjoying myself. It’s the kind of university work I don’t mind doing on a Saturday!

For Performance Philosophy, I’d say it was one of my most theoretical modules. At first I thought “what is this module, why am I in this module, I think even Plato would leave this module”. But then, I began to enjoy it, a lot! We’ve been learning about Marxism, Materialism, Feminism, all sorts and to be fair its actually quite interesting. Maybe I could be the next Francis Bacon?! He’s my fave, clues are in the last name.

Anyway, recently we’ve been writing an essay (not so fun), but actually the topic I chose really interested me. This meant I didn’t really mind doing it. Philosophy is hard to get your head around, but once you do its great! I’m really glad I have the chance to learn about it; it’s something new, different and interesting. After Easter I believe we are working towards a presentation, which I’m feeling quite good about. I think I’m kind of good at presentations, I just need to make sure I’m organised (so pray for me).

Finally, in my Production module which is probably my favourite, we get to produce a film. This film is set within a theatre, which means research on “the use of film on stage”, and a lot of thought in to the different camera angles. It’s such a great opportunity, and very different to anything I’ve done before. I’ve created theatre, I’ve created film. Now I’m doing theatre and film together? (why not…)

Our main task is to produce an adaptation of the novel Sanctuary by William Faulkner. What’s exciting is we all get individual job roles, like screenwriter, camera operator, director, script supervisor, dramaturg, editor and actors. I got to be the director, which I must say I’m very happy about! So far it’s going well, apart from a few minor bumps as expected. But hey some of our marks come from “problem solving” and luckily I’ve got a really supportive group and lecturer so it makes things a lot easier.

In regards to support at Loughborough there is A LOT, especially in the English and Drama department! All my lectures offer one-on-one tutorials, which are really friendly, informal and really helpful when it comes to trying to get your head around the course. My lecturers usually put up the times they are available on their office doors, so that we are able to book in a time slot.

English Language and disability support is offered at the Bridgeman building, helping you with structuring and planning your essays. Disability support arranged for me to have regular meetings with a tutor for my dyslexia, which is unbelievably helpful. The English lecturer who works with me is such a lovely woman, she often helps me with decoding questions and structuring a plan.

Oh yeah, there is also support you can receive from students in the English and Drama department. There are peer mentors, such as myself, whom are there in case you need any academic support or guidance in your first year. Then there are the committee reps whom are in charge of organising Rag fundraising, Action volunteering, Sports, Socials, Media and Careers. I am the Action Rep. This means I am responsible for organising and promoting action projects for students in the department. So far I’ve organised projects such as a soup kitchen, volunteering at the campus nursery and at primary schools; all which have been really fun!

Honestly I couldn’t ask more from Loughborough, the course is great, the support is great, the facilities are great!

Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter, see you in three weeks Loughborough.

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Third year studying Drama. Describe Loughborough in one word? Extraordinary!