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Travelling back to Loughborough

So recently I have been on a road trip down the South West of Australia! Our journey was from Perth, to Mandurah, Bunbury, Bussleton, Yallingup, Margaret River, Augusta, Walpole, Albany and back to Perth. It was honestly one of my favourite trips, as I got to see lots of different aesthetics. All very different to anything you’d find in England, especially with the fact that we had kangaroos jumping on the road and parrots casually flying about. I also really enjoyed camping, even if we did skip a few needed showers…

2    So yeah, finally conquering Western Australia! I am currently sat on a plane to Cairns, ready to start what I hope is will be a five week trip around the East Coast of Australia!

This means I have officially left Curtin University, which I am both sad and happy about. The bad news is I am no longer living in Perth, and the good news is I get to go back to Loughborough for my second semester! In my first year, semester two was probably the time I fully settled in! I remember during the application process for study abroad, my friends were like “aren’t you worried about the second semester, how the term will turn out when everyone has made new friends, and started new things?”. At first yeah I’ll admit I was a little cautious, no one likes feeling left out. But the more I’ve thought about it the more comfortable I feel. I know that everything should be normal. Things will have changed yes, but a lot has changed for me here. I have a different perspective on the world, what I’m capable of and travelling has so far really helped improve my confidence. And say everything’s a disaster? Which it won’t be, I know Loughborough’s friendly environment; the staff, the lecturers, careers advisors, and even counsellors if needed; will be there to support me.


Geeky, but I’ve been thinking ahead like usual about the things I’m going to/ hoping to do in my second semester. I plan to continue volunteering for action at the nursery and with the Right to Read Project. I would like to continue with tennis lessons, and continue auditioning for The Stage Society & The Shakespeare Society. But additionally, I’ve been looking up new things like a hiking society, so I can continue having adventures! I don’t know where I find all the time for this stuff if I’m honest: a degree course, and a social life and sleep? But I’ll tell you now it is possible. (Minus the odd all nighters ).


For all the first years starting back, and to those whom may want to look at taking on more activities. You might want to check out the Loughborough societies webpage, the societies Facebook page or the societies fair at the start of the new semester!

Finally I can go back to my Student Ambassador job and actually start making a little money rather than spending it all in Australia (oops). I find it useful having a job on campus, where I can apply for the roles and hours that suit my timetable! It’s so much better than having a job during term that forgets you probably have a life outside of work…6

I am also really excited for starting my new modules, and living in a different accommodation. Next semester I will be starting Performance Philosophy, Production 2 and Costume Design. My drama friends have said they really enjoyed Production in semester one, meaning that is something to look forward to. I am also hoping that the skills I have learnt within my Australian placement for Costume, will help towards Costume Design in 2017!


As for my accommodation, I have applied for William Morris. It has a 4ft bed, ensuite and shared self-catered kitchen. Now don’t get me wrong, I did love Faraday catered accommodation last year, although with being so busy the lunch time schedules didn’t always work out for me. This way I get a chance to cook for myself, meaning I won’t have to rush from a meeting / society to go for lunch.


I have missed a few FND’s (‘Friday Night Dancefloor’ at the Union) since being in Australia!?! Stupid Tuesday, Hey Ewe, FND are more places /nights to see my Uni friends again. Also socially, my friends and I said we should make our own Australian night!

There are many more places to visit just a short walk away...

See you all in February!


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