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When I left school at 18, I wasn’t ever sure that I would find a suitable replacement for the home I had belonged to for seven happy years of my childhood. In my recent graduation ceremony, Lord Seb Coe addressed this issue to myself, my fellow classmates and hundreds of other friends and family members. 

The Great Loughborough Summer

Summer term in Loughborough is often referred to as ‘BBQ Season’, and on a sunny day, the distant beat of music and the smell of smoke drift constantly across the sky. It comes from everywhere: the small gardens, courtyards, porch areas, driveways, roofs and many more.

Nutrition and Hydration Week

Combine irregular patterns of working, sleeping, eating and drinking with a tight financial budget, and it can often be a real challenge to sustain a balanced lifestyle whilst living as a student. During this week – “Nutrition and Hydration Week” – there is a global focus on how important these two factors are in contributing […]

End of exams at Loughborough

After a near apocalyptic month of exams in Loughborough, we have been making the very most of our newly-found freedom.

Pilkington, my old friend

As ever, the festive winter break went by in a flash. A chilled family Christmas at home, followed by a somewhat-less-chilled New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, and I was back at Uni before I knew it.

Rockin’ around the FND

One of the best things about University is that it becomes perfectly normal to celebrate Christmas not once, but twice every year. But Christmas at uni isn’t like your usual winter festivities: everything is slightly more manic, slightly less sophisticated and all the more fun for it.

Controlled pandemonium

2016 is starting to feel very much like my 2012. Rather than applying for UCAS, it’s applying for graduate schemes.

Lough Mudder

When moving into Loughborough, a lot of students find that the first friends they make – whether in their flat, block or halls – remain amongst their closest throughout their time here. That certainly rings true for me

Future Freshers

After spending the summer at home, I was very excited to finally move back up to Loughborough on Monday and into new digs with my friends. We got here a week or so before freshers for one reason and one reason only: future freshers!