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Fun in the sun

 The last month has been amazing! Been so good to not have any exams and be able to chill out stress free. At this moment in time results are only a few days away. They turn them around much quicker than during sixth form which is much better. Time to tell you about all the exciting stuff I’ve been doing since…Tom July 3

I recently got back from a really good holiday in Spain with my girlfriend. We had a nice little apartment in Alicante. We didn’t really get up to much other than relax, sunbathe, go to the beach/pool and eat lots of food. I’m a really bad sunbather as I get bored after about five minutes and get all fidgety in the sun, would rather be out exploring the town! 30 degrees was getting too much for me.

We did do one really cool boat trip where we went out to an island about a mile out to sea. Once there we went in a submarine underwater to see all of the millions of fish under the water. It’s so weird you don’t really think there’s many there when you’re in the sea and then there’s hundreds soon as you get a good look underwater. She wasn’t happy when I dragged her to bars to watch the Euros, although after England v.s. Iceland I wish that we hadn’t bothered.

Just before my holiday I got the chance to work at Loughborough University’s summer open days. These were a really good chance to meet potential students and parents and chat to them about why I love Loughborough and why they should come! I might have spoken to one of you perhaps… I had a lot of Loughborough facts and stats to memorise in order to dazzle and amaze. Everyone there experienced all sorts of Loughborough weather with baking sun and pouring rain on both days. After day one I was sunburnt and soaked! Despite this, the two days were a really fun experience and I’m looking forward to doing it again in September. Open days are really important to go to when considering universities as you really get a feel for the campus, the environment and what living at the university will actually be like. You can only tell so much from a prospectus or website.

 Tom July 1

I’ve also been trying to see all of my mates from home that I’ve not seen for ages. It’s definitely very weird to go from seeing your friends’ everyday / very often to only every few months so it’s very exciting when you see everyone. We went back to the best burger place in the world (seriously you have to check it out) Annie’s Burger Shack where I put on about a stone; and also a few nights out in Nottingham. My friend Tom plays the drums in a band that had a gig at a local venue, which was a great night. They’re called Silver Wilson and are worth checking out on Spotify/Itunes (no they’re not paying me to say that!). I’ve also spent way too much time watching the Euros and Murray winning Wimbledon!

Tom July 2

Good luck to everyone with their A-level results coming up, hope you get what you want/need for university and I could see you around at Loughborough come September! In a few days I’m jetting off for 2 weeks in America so look forward to details of that in the next blog, I’m very excited!

night out blog pic

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