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I can sing!

I have always been someone who loves music, from writing music to singing, but never had the confidence to sing in public. Keeping all music I’ve ever recorded in a well hidden folder on my computer, I never thought that I would become part of a choir!

Welcome to LSU Sing

I joined this society a couple of weeks ago. I went with a friend from my course and was very nervous and apprehensive. I joined the Facebook group first. This is a great way to see what is going on in the society, find members, get to know each other and organise social events.

As soon as we started the warm ups, I knew I was comfortable with the people in the group. We were handed sheets of music by our leader, Jasper, and sat in our preferred classification: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. I sat myself in Alto as it’s not too high!

From there we went through each part (you do not have to be able to read music – just remember the tune!) and started to put the piece of music together. Generally, we are able to cover a particular song in one rehearsal and sing it together at the end.

The society is open to anyone who enjoys singing and you can put in as much commitment as you like. Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 8:30 in the Cope Auditorium in the Edward Barnsley Building. LSU Sing hold different concerts throughout the year, including LSU Sing Showcase, Loughborough Christmas Lights Switch-on and events run by other societies that require live music.

You can join this society at any point in the year, and that is true for many societies and you can do this through the Loughborough Students Union Website

However, at the beginning of the year there is a Societies Bazaar and a Sports Bazaar. Here, members of the societies have a stall to promote the society they belong to. You can go around the stalls and show your interest, sign up and chat to see what’s involved.

You also have the chance to join the committee of a society that you belong to where the roles range from Chair, Secretary, Social Secretary, Media and Stash Representatives and others. You can become a valuable member of the committee and help organise the society.

My friend, Izzy has been the Media and Stash representative over the last year and been responsible for the promotion of the society as well as designs for the society’s merchandise. Here you can find some videos of the choir.

I look forward to more singing with the choir. The next upcoming event that we are taking part in is FreeFest on Saturday 13th of May 2017.

The Voice UK (ITV) are also coming to the University after the Easter Holidays, to hear soloists sing which is something for us to look forward to and promote to show the musical talent at Loughborough University.

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