Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Surviving the first week…

Imagine a dream holiday on a tropic island. You have been building up to this for months, you are eventually en route. You expect the boat to pull up alongside the island. The captain to lower the ramp and for you to easily stroll into the dream world.

Shake your bucket all for RAG RAG RAG

In my freshers year of 2013, Loughborough received nationwide attention for a cover of Naughty Boy’s “La La La”. The awfully-brilliant parody, performed by LSU Exec (the Student Union’s committee), was brought into the nation’s consciousness by Scott Mills on Radio 1.

Drama down under!

If you read my initial blog, the plan was to study abroad at Virginia Tech in the USA. Well change of plan… I am currently studying at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia as part of my degree.

So that’s a wrap on second year!

The arrival of the summer holidays brought with it the sudden realisation that I am now over halfway through my degree at Loughborough University. June 15th, a massive sigh of relief was heard around the bubble as exams were officially over and it was time to have a whole lot of fun.

Fun in the sun

 The last month has been amazing! Been so good to not have any exams and be able to chill out stress free. At this moment in time results are only a few days away. They turn them around much quicker than during sixth form which is much better.


This is the big moment, three years in the working. There is a sea of proud families to my left, while my geography peers surround me. The weight of my academic gown weighs down on my shoulders as I listen for the cue to start walking across the stage.

Fifteen hundred metres

Back in my awkward adolescent years, the 1500m was my athletic event of choice. I was okay, but never fantastic; I enjoyed, but never loved, and eventually drifted away from the sport.

Busy June, busy July!

I am writing this month’s blog while lying on my new bed, listening to a concentration music playlist on Spotify and feeling very much relaxed. If you have read my last blog, you might remember that I was going to the International Summer School at the School of Economics for two weeks. I had just […]

How to make yourself more employable

So its summer and I’m expecting most of you will be reading this because A) you’re looking for a summer job, B) thinking about life after university, or C) because your ‘dream job’ turned out not so great.

kelsie at the coach and volunteering awards

My Loughborough highlights!

Hello, all of my lovely readers! As per usual, I hope you all are doing well the past month and are excited for the summer holiday coming up very soon. I have had a wonderful month with lots of events as the academic year is coming to an end. The first thing I would like […]