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Rockin’ around the FND

One of the best things about University is that it becomes perfectly normal to celebrate Christmas not once, but twice every year. But Christmas at uni isn’t like your usual winter festivities: everything is slightly more manic, slightly less sophisticated and all the more fun for it. Pretty much every student house will have one, and yesterday was our turn!


The day began with a trip to Aldi (other supermarkets are available) to do the big shop and splash out on a student-budget Christmas tree, as beautifully displayed by Rachel (see below). With Holly at the kitchen helm and with everyone assigned to their tasks, the cooking session began – I was the lucky one to be put in charge of mulled wine, to which I poorly-attempted to add cinnamon and orange zest, but it was tasty nonetheless.


The dinner itself was an absolute delight, with Ed’s recipe of finely-chopped brussel sprouts, sage and Worcestershire sauce receiving particular praise. The sheer quantity of pigs-in-blankets sent us into food coma from which we were unsure whether we would ever emerge. But emerge we did, as it was time for secret santa! As ever there was a drastic range of thoughtful gifts to presents designed to embarrass the receiver. Yet again, I had drawn Franklin (the avid Spurs fan of the house) and yet again, there was an Arsenal-related present waiting for him to enjoy. Sports-science student Holly’s impressive engineering skills must also be acknowledged for designing and building a fully-fledged pirate ship for me!


Every year the Student Union hosts a variety of RAG events to raise money for charity. It just so happened that after our Christmas dinner, it was the annual German-styled ‘Beer Keller’. With stomachs bursting, it took us a good 20 minutes to stumble the 5 minute walk from our house onto campus, but eventually we made it to meet more friends who had saved us spaces on the long tables.  With cheap pints of local ale and cider, Santa hats aplenty and the fantastically unique entertainment of an ‘Oom-Pah’ Band, we had a brilliant time before rounding off the night in Firefly – one of the clubs in Loughborough.


Although Christmas is never quite Christmas when you’re not at home, there is something quite brilliant about having a ‘fake’ Christmas in Loughborough with your mates. I’m already planning the trip back next year, and I really do hope it coincides with the beer Keller!

In the immortal words of Shakin’ Stevens “Merry Christmas, everyone”.




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