Borrowing books over Easter vacation

We will be rolling the out the issue dates on all week and long loan items taken out for the Easter vacation on Friday 20th March 2015.

Any week and long loan items taken out ON OR AFTER this date will be issued until the start of the next term (Wednesday 29/04/15 for 1st and 2nd year Undergraduates and Friday 01/05/15 for Finalists and Taught Postgraduates).

The last recall notices for books will also go out on Friday 20th March 2015, so users should continue to check their emails up to that date to make sure they do not have to return books on their record before the end of term. We will not be issuing further recall notices during the vacation.

Please note that if a book reservation is collected AFTER the 20th March 2015 and it has ANOTHER hold request outstanding after the person who it is on hold for, it will only issue for ONE week NOT for the entire vacation period, so users should check the loan status very carefully as fines will still be levied on any book that is not returned by the due date .

High Demand book loans stay the same over the vacation period apart from Thursday 2nd April, when they will be issued until Wednesday 8th April when the Library re-opens after the Easter weekend.

Enjoy your vacation!3430706546_4d6fc995a0

Library suggestion card – smoking outside the Library

As users may have seen, the University has decided to make the area directly outside the Library a no smoking area.

Despite the A-board and signage that has been added and the construction of a designated smoking shelter across the road, people still occassionally huddle under the canopy to protect themselves from the elements.

Library staff do periodically go outside and inform smokers that they need to go across the road. If you encounter any problems, please either ask a member of staff at the counter or email the Customer Services Manager.

IT Lab Availability during University Christmas Period

snowPlease be aware that the University closes down for Christmas on the afternoon of Wednesday 24th December and will re-open on Monday 5th January.

During this holiday period the only IT labs and printers that will be available are the dual-boot labs N004 and N005 on the ground floor of Haslegrave. You will need your student ID card in order to access the building at this time.

Access to all other IT labs will remain open until 3pm on Wednesday 24th December.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

IT Services

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Christmas loans 2014

self serviceWith Christmas rapidly approaching – where has the first term gone? – we have agreed the loan details for the Christmas vacation (below).

As in previous years, we have decided not to recall books over the Christmas vacation (although books with outstanding recalls will still only issue for one week).

Friday 5th December
All week/long loan items can be borrowed/renewed by the user for the Christmas vacation (apart from week & long loans for external users, which will stay the same).
The last recall emails will be sent out (giving anyone with a recalled book the chance to return it before the end of term on Friday 12th Dec).

N.B. If a hold request has other holds outstanding, the hold will only issue for one week NOT until the start of term.

Tuesday 23rd December
Short loan booking slot will run until 2.30pm on Monday 5th January

Monday 5th January
Normal recalls start again
Short loan booking slots revert to normal

Wednesday 7th January
Due date for 1st & 2nd year undergraduate books issued/renewed before Christmas

Friday 9th January
Due date for finalist & taught postgrad books issued/renewed before Christmas.
Due date for staff/researcher week loan items issued before Christmas

If anyone has any questions about this, please email Matt Cunningham, the Library’s Customer Services Manager ( )

First day of term in numbers

         Pilkington library after refurbishmentAnyone that knows a librarian, will know we love a good statistic! It’s great to see the Library so busy on the first day of term, so we have taken five minutes to see what statistics we have got for you….

Yesterday we had 2847 visits to the Library, issued 2246 books, had 462 books returned and answered 1159 enquiries – more than one a minute.

We hope you find everything you need when you are here, but please feel free to ask one of the staff for assistance – we will be happy to help.

Points of view – a summary of suggestion cards

Attractive Woman with Her BooksAs usual, our users have had the opportunity to leave feedback and suggestions in one of our special boxes over the last 12 months.

All users get a reply from a relevant member of Library staff within one working day of submitting their suggestion card. We have also compiled a summary of all the comments and replies on our suggestions and feedback webpage.

We welcome all comments/feedback from our users as they help us develop our services.

Scores on the doors – how did we perform against our KPI targets?

D3415-07The third full year of measuring our KPI performance pledges to you have just been released. So how did we do?

The good news is that we actually did better than last year, so improvements have obviously been made. In fact, the one KPI we didn’t fully meet last year – when we were closed for 10 hours in the first week of the academic year – achieved 100% compliance this year.

If you would like to see a full summary of our targets and performance levels, they are available on our website. Please feel free to give us some feedback – it would be great to hear from you

Christmas Opening hours

self serviceThe opening hours for the whole of the academic year can be found on our website. However, just as a quick reminder, please find the opening hours for the Christmas period below.

Week commencing 15th December

Sunday – 10.00 – midnight

Monday – 9.00 – 17.30

Tuesday – 9.00 – 17.30

Wednesday – 9.00 – 20.00

Thursday – 9.00 – 17.30

Friday – 9.00 – 17.30

Saturday – closed

Week Commencing 22nd December

Sunday – Closed

Monday – 9.00 – 17.30

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – Closed

Friday – Closed

Saturday – Closed

Week commencing 29th December

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – 9.00 -17.30

Friday – 9.00 – 17.30

Saturday – 9.00 – midnight

Week commencing 5th January

Sunday – 10.00 – midnight

Monday – 8.30 – midnight

Tuesday – 8.30 – midnight

Wednesday – 8.30 – midnight

Thursday – 8.30 – 24/7 starts

Friday – 24/7

Saturday – 24/7