Movember mug shots

4Thanks to all the marvelous people that came to give us feedback on the transformed Library last week.

As you can see from our facebook page, we have a whole album of photos where people have Mo’d up after claiming their free mug – can you see your photo up there? If so, feel free to tag and share it.

We have also made a donation for every photo we posted to the fantastic Movember campaign – maybe next year we can get people to grow real Mos and have their photos taken in the Library?

1,2,3… and 4!

tinaWe’re very happy to announce the opening of our brand new Level 4 in the Library! It’s taken a little longer than anticipated to get it all ready for you (and thank you for bearing with us!) but we hope you’ll agree when you pay it a visit that it’s all been very well worth the wait.

Level 4 has been totally refurbished and now encompasses a state-of-the-art learning environment including, but not limited to, a 70-seat silent study area, bookable study ‘pods’ and additional improved group study rooms bringing the total number of such spaces in the Library up from seven to nineteen. We’ve also incorporated our Leisure Reading section in a comfortable ‘relaxation area’ where you can sit and enjoy a good read away from the hurly-burly of Open 3. Oh, and not forgetting the wonderful view you can get from up there too!

Please do be aware that Level 4 has been designated as a ‘Quiet’ zone, similar to levels 1 & 2, and while drinks are allowed upstairs, food is prohibited to Open 3 only. 

If you have any questions or comments to make about Level 4 and any of its facilities, just speak to a member of staff – we’d love to know what you think.


Pictured above are Library Facilities Manager Brant and Tina from the building company Bluu, who had the honour of cutting the red ribbon to open the floor at 8.30 this morning!

Welcome Back – And Tell Us What You Think!


First off, we’d all like to welcome all our visitors – old and new – back to our newly transformed Library, and we’re sure you’re just as excited to return as we were after our summer exile on the other side of campus! We’d also like to express a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came in yesterday and persevered with some of the technical issues we experienced. As you can imagine, there are still a few things we’re trying to sort out, but bear with us – we’ll all get there in the end, and we hope you’ll agree with us that it will be well worth it in the end!

That said, we’re still keen to get your feedback; after all, there might be one or two things we’ve missed, or there might be one or two tweaks you’d like us to make to make things run even more smoothly for you. So with that in mind, we’ve sent up a special FeedBack ‘Wall’ on our homepage, and we’d like to cordially invite you to post your comments – good or bad! – on the space provided, which you can find here:

Thanks again!

Tours of the Refurbished Library


Come on a tour to see the brilliant new facilities available to you in the transformed Library.

We’re running them daily over the first two weeks of term (Monday 30th September to Friday 11th October), starting in the Library foyer during the lunch period, so you don’t have to worry about missing lectures (!).

To ensure everyone gets a chance to come on what is bound to be a popular event, you will need book your place. Go to Learn module Get the Know-how LBA001 , log in using your University username & password, and register for the session you’d like to attend.

See you there! 

Image by Dong Sisi, an entrant in our 2012 Photography competition.

Accessing the Library from the 30th September 2013

From Monda01Pilkington_Exterior_View01 CROPy 30th September, the University Library will be implementing barrier access controls. This means you need your ID card for both entry to and exit from the building and to borrow any material from the Library.

By asking you to scan in and out of the building, we are able to ensure the building doesn’t exceed its fire safety occupancy level. It also means we are able to gain valuable information about how people use the building to help us with business cases to the University.


Please note:
■ Our Reception Desk at the main entrance will continue to be staffed whenever the building is open to help you out. Continue reading

Suitably Impressed!


The Student Union Executive were treated to a guided tour of the on-going Library transformation just before the Bank Holiday and were suitably impressed by how things were shaping up!

With under a month to go before the start of term, we’re all quite keen to escape the confines of our summer retreat in the FM Building, not least because we don’t see very much of our wonderful visitors down here – so it’s gratifying to see some smiling student faces in the Library again in these photos!

There’s more pictures from this visit available to view in our Flickr Photostream here.

Dinosaur Discovered in the Library…?


No, actually it’s not the fossilised spinal column of some vast, brontosaurus-like dinosaur that the workmen dug up, nor one that we’ve imported to use as the centre piece for the Library’s new Natural History exhibition, but the foundations of the new staircase that will be connecting Levels 3 & 4.

There’s also a wide variety of other recently-taken shots of the on-going building work, including shots of the new Group Study rooms that are being incorporated into Open3 and Level 4, now available on our Flickr photostream.

Level 1… Levelled!


July may have been a scorcher but the temperature didn’t slow down the building work as the latest batch of photos in our ‘Transforming the Library’ photostream on Flickr will testify!

Level 1 in particular is now looking a lot different – even spartan, as the picture above shows! The old shelving has been cleared in readiness for the installation of brand new rolling stacks which will arrive during the coming weeks.

There’s also some great new skyline views of the ongoing work on Level 4. Take a peek at the complete set here:

Open3 – A Little More Open Than Usual!


One of the most exciting features of our Library transformation will be the new staircase-atrium that is being built to connect Open3 with the new Level 4. As you can see from the image above, work has been completed on knocking a hole in the ceiling, leaving Open3 a bit more open than usual!

We’ve also added a variety of new images to our Flickr photostream, including shots of work progressing on all four levels of the Library, including some terrific roof-top vistas. Why not take a peek?

Transforming the Library – Inside & Out!


The glorious weather (for a change!) hasn’t put the brakes on the Library refurbishment, and indeed it’s been a regular hive of activity, inside and outside, as the latest batch of photos on our Flickr photostream will attest!


The big crane that turned up to help shift some of the weightier building materials was a particularly impressive sight!


Inside, you’d barely recognise Open3 now – and this is just before they started banging the hole in the ceiling for the new staircase up to Level 4!


Downstairs on Level 2, all the book stock has been safely covered in readiness for the work that will be accomplished downstairs, including new carpeting.


While down on Level 1, the journal stock has been removed into storage in readiness for the installation of new rolling storage bays.

We’ll continue to update our photostream as the transformation progresses, so watch this space for further updates!