A Slow Boat on the Radar…

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This August Radar, Loughborough University’s own Arts program, is offering art lovers the chance to climb aboard a Slow Boat to the realm of Navinland… by way of the LUA Project Space!

Slow Boat in Loughborough will be piloted to the Loughborough University shore by renowned Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul, who will be talking about his current project that finds him travelling across the East and West Midlands on a canal boat.

Commissioned by the Ikon Art Gallery as part of their innovative three-year Slow Boat project aimed at engaging young people with contemporary artists and the local heritage and history of the Inland Waterways, Navin has devised ‘Navinland’, a borderless community that celebrates personal identity, nationality and our understanding of place and home.

The event will be hosted in the LUA Project Space in the Edward Barnsley Building (next to the Cope Auditorium in the campus’s East Park) on Tuesday 6th August between 5-6PM and will culminate with a light buffet. Admission is free, but as space is limited you will need to book your place. To do this, and for further details, visit the Radar site here.

Like Walking? Like Fruit? Like Bats? Look No Further!


Nature lovers are in for a treat next Wednesday (19th June) as artist Anne-Marie Culhane hosts Fruit Routes, an exploration of some of the campus’s lesser-known natural charms and resources.

The day long series of events will include a lunchtime walk (12.30-1.30pm) exploring the foraging potential on campus and the new fruit route, wild tea & home-made scones in the afternoon (2-6pm) where you can learn how to read tea with Anne-Marie & Paul Conneally, and finally a candle-lit bat walk at dusk (9.30pm, preceded by refreshments) with ecologist Ed Derby. 

All events are free, open to all and take place in the new orchard by the University Lodge, only a couple of minutes from the front of this very Library. 

Fruit Routes is an artist-led initiative conceived by Anne-Marie Culhane supported by the University’s Sustainability Team in partnership with the Landscaping Our Society Student Group. It started in 2011 to develop the university grounds as an edible landscape anchored around fruit tree planting, increasing the foraging opportunities on campus and sharing knowledge with the university and wider community through events, participation and mapping. Fruit Routes aims to create a legacy of several hundred fruit trees on site which will bear fruit for years to come for people to harvest, share and enjoy.

Further details of the event and the initiative can be found via this link:


Mischief on the University Radar

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No, it’s nothing to do with dodgy student Facebook pages, but instead a day-long interactive symposium run by Radar, the University’s art program, next Tuesday 18th June.

Performative Mischief will consider the role and function of mischief in the fields of art, politics and social science. Through papers and performances, mischief making will be interrogated in terms of psychogeography, public sphere, resistance, miniaturisation, dialogue, audio/visual projections, documentation, pranks and pranksters.

The symposium starts at 11AM in the LUA Project Space above the Cope Auditorium, and runs through until 5PM. It is free to attend and lunch and refreshments will be provided.

If you’re interested in attending, please contact art@antoinetteburchill.com.

Fancy a Sunday Afternoon of Art, Games, Film and Food…?


Take time off from your studies this Bank Holiday weekend and join artist Emma Smith at the Cayley Dining Hall this Sunday (26th May) for a relaxing afternoon of art, games, film and food as she concludes her Radar commission with the presentation of Public Domestic, a life-size, artwork-meets-boardgame. Become part of this fun, social experiment as you meet, converse, negotiate and navigate your way across the board.

Developed out of an extended residency in which Emma explored the domestic environments of the University as spaces of exchange and knowledge production, Public Domestic plays with perceptions and understandings of social constructs and the nature of the individual as they are assimilated into a collective way of living.

Modelled on the aesthetics of kitchen floor tiles, this giant board game provides a meeting point or framework for two or more players to collectively find a way off the board. Working to a set of instructions and through a process of negotiation the players are asked to develop co-operative relationships with each other based on their differences rather than similarities in order to move their way across the board. The game is only complete when ALL the players have left the board, placing the emphasis for success on a duty of care to assist one another and a sharing of differences.

The fun begins at 2PM and goes through until 5PM. Admission free!

Radar at the Movies: Questions of Value

radar logoA trio of award-winning thought-provoking films are being shown over the next month by Radar, the University’s contemporary arts program, as part of their spring theme, Questions of Value.

The sequence begins this evening at 6PM in the LUA Project Space with a showing of Andrei Tarkovsky’s enigmatic 1979 science fiction mystery Stalker. Based upon the novel Roadside Picnic by Arkady & Boris Sturgatsky, the film is frequently described by critics as one of the best SF movies ever made.

On Wednesday 29th May the Oscar-winning 2010 documentary Inside Job will be screened in the Cope Auditorium at 6PM. Narrated by Matt Damon, the film takes a hard-hitting view of the 2008 financial crisis and the industry that caused it.

Finally on Wednesday 5th June at 6PM in the Cope Auditorium there will be a showing of King Vidor’s 1949 drama The Fountainhead, starring Gary Cooper. Based on the controversial Ayn Rand novel of the same name, the film charts the struggle of an idealistic architect to maintain his artistic integrity in the face economic, professional and personal pressures.

All three films are free to attend. For further details, visit the Radar site here:


Collapsing and Constructing Identity Workshop

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Radar, the University Arts programme, are hosting an intriguing workshop on the subject of identity this weekend that should appeal to artists and social scientists alike.

Over the two days of Collapsing and Constructing Identity, artist and activist Heath Bunting and Paula Helm, researcher into the cultural roots of addiction and the practices of self-help groups, from Passau University, Germany, will be reflecting on the different concepts and consequences of collapsing and constructing identity. Combining exercises, conversations and practical sessions at both indoor and outdoor locations, Bunting and Helm explore the divisions between the public and the private self, delving deeper into concepts of survival strategies, and group structure and dynamic.

The Workshop, which is part of the imprintsfutures ESRC project (www.imprintsfutures.org), runs from Friday 22nd March to Saturday 23rd March between 10AM-4PM in the Radar Project Space in the Edward Barnsley Building, is free to attend but booking is required by contacting s.walker@lboro.ac.uk

For further details, visit the Radar site here:


What's on the Radar this Autumn?

A new season of specially created art installations is launched by Radar, the University’s contemporary arts programme, this Monday.

Home/Land is a photographic-based series of four installation pieces based around the theme of gender, identity, place and citizenship.

Artists Jean Brundrit, Sarah Ciurysek, Nina Mangalanayagam and Mitra Tabrizian have been commissioned by Radar to develop four seperate, distinct, site specific pieces, each a personal interpretation and understanding of place, identity and landscape. These works will be presented in a number of locations around Loughborough during November.  

For details of where and when to visit these installations, including a downloadable guide to the individual locations, visit the Radar website here:


In the Merry Month of May

Today is May 1st, or ‘May Day’, traditionally the first day of summer (not that you’d know it to look at the weather!!). And what better time to remind you of a few musical and entertainment events coming to campus this month to help get you in a sunny, summer mood… or at least, help take your mind off your exams!

Bank Holiday Monday (May 7th) sees the return of Freefest, the Student Union’s annual free pop festival, featuring a host of dazzling musical acts from across the country at the Student Union from noon until 6PM.

For those of a more classical bent, the University Choir will be holding its Summer Concert on Friday May 11th, featuring the premiere of a new sporting anthem, the winning entry in the University’s Choral Composition Competition, as well as performing a selection of classical and modern works (starts at 7.30PM).

On Monday 14th May (7-10PM), Speech Bubble, the Student Union free-form spoken word spectacular, returns for the third and final time this year. Don’t forget that as it’s an open mike session, you can take part too!

Finally, on Wednesday May 16th Tasmin Little (violin) and Piers Lane (piano) will be performing in concert at the Cope Auditorium (7.30PM). Internationally renowned soloists, they will be teaming up to treat the audience to a selection of Brahms, Respighi and Strauss.

For full ticket details, follow the relevant links.

See you there!

Calling all bibliophiles…!

by michitux, taken from Flickr, used under cc licence

Fancy a literature-based natter with your lunch?

The first Radar book club meeting of 2012 will be at 12.30-1.30pm on Tuesday 7 February. We’ll be in our new space next to the Cope Auditorium and we’ll be chatting about Daniel Defoe’s Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress. The club meets every 6 weeks and all students and staff are welcome. We even throw in a free sandwich and a drink.

 For more info about the club please contact Lauren Westwood at l.westwood@lboro.ac.uk

Book club meeting

Reproduced with the permission of Cornell University Library, under CC licence from Flickr

The next meeting of the University Book Club (Radar) will be on Tuesday 22nd November, 12.30-1.30pm in the Music Centre (next to Towers). This month we’ll be discussing Love and Other Impossible Pursuits by Ayelet Waldman. Radar meets every 6 weeks and is open to all University staff and students. We’re keen to attract new members so why not come along to our next meeting to see if this is your type of club? Free lunch provided!

If you’d like more information about the club, please contact:

Sharon Reid, Academic Librarian: S.D.Reid@lboro.ac.uk

Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Programme Assistant, Radar: A.Beavis-Harrison@lboro.ac.uk