Fruit Routes Renga


Fruit Routes,  the University’s artist-led project designed to bring people together on Campus around themes of food, foraging and the natural world, are delighted to be hosting their first Renga on the campus on Friday 10th June.

Renga is a 1000 year old Japanese form of collaborative non-narrative poetry made up of a series of short linked verses. The process of writing a renga is a shared creative experience open to all. The renga welcomes absolute beginners (age 8 +) as well as experienced writers.

Renga is a frame that binds people, landscape and seasons. It is led by a master poet, who holds the map, and a host poet.   Joining the Fruit Routes renga will be local artist, cultural forager and poet Little Onion (Paul Conneally) and Kerry Featherstone (Lecturer in Creative Writing, Loughborough University).

Over the four hours of the event participants will experience the rhythm of writing, reading, listening, the silence and sound that is renga – and tea!.

The event is free to attend but registration is necessary. To do that, and for more information about the event and the Fruit Routes initiative, visit this link:

Earth Day 2016

earth day 2016As today is International Earth Day, what better time to remind you of the University’s very own Sustainability project and website.

The University is committed to acting in a socially responsible way that maximises its positive impact and minimises its negative impact on society and the communities in which it is based. This is reflected in the University’s strategy Building Excellence which states that “we will embed sustainability and social responsibility into all of our processes, operations and developments” and also “will work closely with local partners to enhance the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of the communities and regions in which we reside”.

Why not visit the Sustainability website to find out more?

Earth Day has been celebrated globally since 1970, with the aim of inspiring and motivating people to action over environmental issues. Every year the campaign tackles a new theme, and this year the theme is Trees For the Earth, a plan to plant 7.8 Billion trees by Earth Day 2020 – one tree for every person on the planet!

To find out more about the campaign – and how to participate – visit the Earth Day website below:

Whole Earth Exhibition

whole earth

An exciting open air interactive exhibition with a thought-provoking environmental theme will be running on campus this October.

Hosted by the Sustainability Team at Loughborough University Whole Earth? is written by Lloyd Timberlake, an acknowledged expert in the field of sustainable development. The Stockholm Resilience Centre provides scientific support to the project with the latest insights on planetary boundaries and global sustainability. The original Hard Rain exhibition (shown at LU in 2010), a vivid reminder of the price of inaction, introduces the new display. The combination of rigorous science and art gives a wide appeal. It will be the first exhibition to open simultaneously to a connected, international audience (via the NUS) in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This innovative approach will ensure media coverage at each university and public venue and an opportunity to bring students, academics and the public together with political and business leaders.

The exhibition, which is open to all, is mounted in the Shirley Pearce Square from the 5th October to 1st November 2015, with the official launch taking place on the 7th October at 11am.

Further details of how to participate can be found via the University Sustainability web pages here:

Buzz Along the Fruit Routes this June


Why not mark the end of term with a trip along the campus Fruit Route, on a special evening event next Wednesday 17th June.

You can book a visit to see the campus apiary, share some wild tea and sample some campus honey. Walk the fruit route with a guided tour by Anne-Marie Culhane, artist and founder of the Fruit Routes, and talk moths and join in with some fascinating moth trapping with Graham Finch.

Everybody is welcome and all the events are free to attend, though as space is limited to visit the campus apiary you will need to confirm attendance by emailing

A full programme of the day’s events can be found here: