Beyond Words at the Loughborough Town Hall


A new exhibition begins in the the Sock Gallery at the Loughborough Town Hall this week, in which 21 artists from the local collective Artspace Loughborough interpret the title ‘Beyond Words’.

Artists were encouraged to respond in their own way. Many have been inspired by memories of emotions beyond words whether this is a memory of an intense experience like swimming underwater, or a reaction to the beauty of nature, or observing other people’s relationships. Some are reactions to our social media and mobile phone-obsessed world. One artist has painted her surprising feeling of peace during a period when she couldn’t speak! Some works will contain actual words as part of the visual experience.

Artspace Loughborough was established in 1997 by graduates, mostly of Loughborough College of Art and Design, as a support network for local artists and as a means of putting on exhibitions. Some of the artists will be in the gallery on Saturday 16th May, between 1.00-3.00pm if you have any questions about the theme of the exhibition or how the artists created their work.

The exhibition is open from 14th May until 27th June. The Sock Gallery is open Monday to Saturday between 9am-5pm. Admittance is free.