Landscape is Memory at the Town Hall

sock galleryA new exhibition by local artist Nicola Taylor on a theme of landscape and emotion begins in Loughborough Town Hall’s Sock Gallery this September.

Nicola’s practice is based on how people perceive landscape and how these perceptions have changed over time. With a focus on considering how no two people will ever see the same landscape in front of them, this exhibition explores our subconscious emotions, linked with the land and our constant need to relate and find ourselves within. Playing around with varying colour, mark making and line tension, Nicola challenges people to see landscape in a different way to how they have done before, forcing them into a new, unknown and sometimes uncomfortable environment.

The exhibition is on display from 11th September to 11th October and is free to visit, Monday-Saturday between 9am-5pm. For further details about the Gallery, visit their site here: