A Year in the Life of an Undergraduate

 The first year in the life of every new undergraduate can be a heady time of confusion and uncertainty (mixed with a little fun… and learning, of course!). So we in the Library have come up with something that we hope will help new students navigate between milestones during the formative twelve months of your tenure.

A Year in the Life of an Undergraduate is a time-line that recreates the likely course of a first-year undergraduate, highlighting key events and periods and where the best places are to go for help with them. Charting not just academic events such as term & exam times but social and Student Union events, we hope this will prove to be a handy guide for all new students (and maybe a few old ones too!)

The time-line has been created using the Make History E-timeline Authoring Tool (or Make History for short), which is a software package developed by e-Learning and History staff at Loughborough University. We’ll be updating it as & when new & relevent information is made available, and we’re very keen to get your feedback too, so feel free to post your comments using the link below.

The time-line is available via Learn and directly via this link. To find out more about the Make History tool, visit the e-Learning blog here.