Have You Seen the Worm?

Those of you who regularly use the road near the Engineering buildings may have noticed the presence of an unsual visitor lurking in the flower bed. No, the Chemical Engineering department haven’t been breeding Triffids, it’s simply a harmless Bookworm!

The Bookworm comes on loan from our seasonal bedding plant supplier R.C.S Plants Ltd. It is a metal frame filled with moss and planted with Sedum rosettes. The company has many sculptures available but the Bookworm was considered quite apt for a learning institution!

The University is also looking to get the loan of one or two other statues, including one of  the Loch Ness monster which was considered appropriate by the side of Holywell Park lake (I hope the real Holywell Park Lake monster doesn’t get jealous…!) Hopefully sufficient interest will be shown for the University to buy, rather than loan, future statues.

The Bookworm has already been featured in the Loughborough Echo as part of the Loughborough in Bloom campaign, details of which you can find here, and you can find out more about the worm’s friends here at Artopya’s site. You may also find a wealth of information on the subject of garden and landscape design among our Art & Design databases on Metalib.

So why not pay him a visit and say hello?