Level 1 Now Reopened!

Level 1 as it was a month ago!

We’re very pleased to announce that Level 1 of the Library is now open again to the public after the necessary electrical work down there has been completed.

The floor’s PC workstations should shortly be up and running down there, and more importantly all the books and serials in the sequence 500-699 are now available for you to browse and borrow, so all you engineers and scientists need fret no more!

Additional good news is that Group Study Rooms 1A and 1B  are now available for booking again, complete in their new finery!

Access to the floor is, however, currently restricted to Staircase ‘A’ except in the event of an emergency.

We shall continue to keep you up to date as regards further developments to the work on Levels 2 & 3, and we thank you for your continuing patience while this work is still going on. Bear with us – there is light at the end of that tunnel…