Borrowing Books Over the Christmas Vacation

treeIt’s December already – where does the time go? – and it’s that time of year when people’s minds turn towards snow glistening, sleigh bells ringing, and… borrowing books over the Christmas vacation!

From Friday 9th December 2016, all books borrowed and/or renewed can be kept for the duration of the vacation as follows:

  • Undergraduate books will be due for return on the 11/01/17 (the first Wednesday of term)
  • Postgrad books will be due for return on the 13/01/17 (first Friday of term)
  • Alumni due dates will be set to the 06/01/17 (last Friday of the Vacation)
  • All Leisure reading books borrowed will be due on the 06/01/17

 As usual we do NOT recall books over the Christmas Vacation, and the last recall notices will go out on Friday 9th December 2016, with recalls restarting on Friday 6th January 2017.

Do please note, however, that any books issued from the Hold shelf that still have outstanding requests on them will still only issue for One Week – always check the due date when you have issued the book (but you do that anyway, right? Right!)