Disruption to the Kinch Bus Sprint Service

Advice to our users and visitors who travel to and from the Library using the Kinch Bus Sprint service:

Owing to the major works happening on University Road  the shuttle buses have had to be diverted. The Kinch shuttle buses will now be running along the Ashby road. It will not enter at the East Park entrance and visit any of the normal stops along the University Road route, including Haslegrave, Admin 2 and the Library.

For the time being it will instead use stops located at the Bastard Gates, opposite the Students Union, and the stop located before Mechanical Engineering. It will then re-enter campus to stop at Mechanical Engineering and continue on to Holywell Park.

Visitors to the Library are best advised to get off at Mechanical Engineering and walk the remaining distance (five minutes or so).

This disruption is likely to continue until Saturday 20th August.

Apologies for any inconvenience.