Give Your Library Skills a Boost for Semester 2 – Get the Know How!

All set for Semester 2? Well, in case you’re thinking you’re not as academic battle-hardened by Semester 1 as you ought to be, let us give your skills a boost through one of our range of ever-popular Get the Know How sessions at the Library.

Ranging from handy tips on essay & report writing to finding information more effectively, referencing & citation explained and introductions to bibliographic software, there’s something for every academic occasion that will stand you in good stead for the duration of your course.

Each session runs for between 50 – 90 minutes, depending on the subject matter, and they’re hosted mainly in either of the two Library Seminar Rooms. However, as these courses have always proved extremely popular in the past, we are asking that people register for them first via Learn Module LBA001. To do that – and to look at exactly what courses are on offer and when – visit this link: