Increased Loan Allowances – Here to Stay!

peaceful mind in libraryBack at the start of the Summer term we temporarily increased our loan allowances to help everyone out during the busy revision period. Well, it’s been such a popular success that we’ve decided to make the increase permanent!

The loan allowances will now remain as following:

  • Undergraduates – 20 books (was 15)
  • Finalists and Postgraduates – 25 books (was 20)
  • Researchers – 35 books (was 30)
  • Staff – 35 books (was 30)


Image by Cassie Wang, an entry in our 2012 Image Competition

2 thoughts on “Increased Loan Allowances – Here to Stay!

  1. Does the library have enough resources to support the book allocation that is provided to all who have access?

    Some people have so many books and may not actually manage to use them all and cause others to struggle as they try to find materials to complete their assignments, etc.

    How did you measure that this was a success? Just on the numbers that have borrowed books over the summer term or through a survey?

    • Dear Huzaifa,

      Thank you for your comments. There are three reasons why we feel the increase in loans has been a success:

      – We have received no negative comments from any of our user groups – in fact, we have received a number of positive messages from users at the counters. We haven’t held a formal survey, but issues regarding stock availability are covered in our Library user survey which is due to take place in December.

      – The number of requested items has substantially decreased in comparison with the same period last year -indicating that users are not suffering from a lack of stock.

      – The number of loans has increased slightly over that period in comparison with the previous three quarters. Historically the number of books issued has been in decline due to the use of e-books and journals. This trend has been reduced by increasing the number of books available with a drop of only 2% for the last quarter in comparison to larger drops for the previous three quarters.

      We are confident that we have the resources available for our users – we work closely with academics to ensure reading lists are up to date and whenever possible will purchase e-books to supplement our hard copies. We also make changes to loan status and number of copies on a case by case basis if users feel there are problems accessing particular titles throughout the year.

      I hope this helps. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


      Matt Cunningham,
      Customer Services Manager.

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