It's 24-7 Time Again!

It’s that time of year again that every students dreads… exam time!

But dread not, for help is at hand from your friendly Library!

As is our practice, we shall be switching over to 24-7 opening over the frenzy of revision time fever, starting this Friday (May 27th) through until the end of term (Thursday 23rd June). Yes, we’re open on Bank Holiday Monday, too!

Naturally you’re all going to want to come and work here (we’ve got the best coffee on campus after all!) so space is going to be at a premium. Over the last year we’ve shifted things around to make more room for you, but there are those who like to take up more than their fair share – even when they’re not here!

So please, be kind and don’t leave your stuff lying about when you’re not there; aside from the fact that a seemingly abandoned laptop or i-Phone is the perfect lure for ne’er-do-wells, you’re depriving other people of a place to study.

Also, please spare a thought towards keeping the noise levels down on Levels One & Two – remember, they’re silent study areas (no food or drink down there either, please!), and if you want to chat, pop up to ‘Lively’ Level Three, or book one of our world famous study rooms if more serious group discussion is your aim! 

Happy revising – and do remember to take breaks! Did we mention we’ve got the best coffee on campus…?