Mind Over Matter

psychic powers by jared zimmermanThe Library will be hosting a ground-breaking psychic experiment this Easter that may have a profound effect on the whole Higher Education learning experience for generations to come.

In conjunction with Doctors Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz and Egon Spengler from the Parapsychology Department at Colombia University, New York, the University’s own Parapsychology Department will be aiming to move a single chocolate Easter Egg from one end of Open 3 to the other – using only the power of student’s minds!

“There is such a lot of vast, untapped potential in the average undergraduate mind that is simply bursting to be unlocked,” explained Prof. Flora Lopis, the Head of Loughborough’s Parapsychology Department. “If we can achieve this simple experiment, then who knows what else we can accomplish? Conceivably, students could, in future, summon books off the shelf without moving from their desk, pay for printer credit with a single thought, or even place a food order at the cafe without standing in any tedious queue. Today an egg, tomorrow the world!”

Student participation in this experiment is vital, which is where YOU come in! Therefore on Sunday April 20th, we will be asking all visitors to the Library for their help by following these simple steps at the appointed hour of 12 Noon:

  • Rest your forehead on your computer keyboard (you may use your own laptop)
  • Speak aloud the following mystic incantation: Ievah Oothcum Eerfemit Noymsdnah
  • Roll that Egg!

Users at home wishing to participate can do so by downloading the App contained in this link.

Please note: the Library cannot be held accountable for any dry-cleaning bills that may result from misuse of the above incantation and the accidental summoning of any evil Library spirits in consequence. Should such an apparition appear, please contact Dr Venkman, Dr Stantz or Dr Spengler immediately using this link.

Psychic powers image by Jared Zimmerman, reproduced under CC License from Flickr.