Missing Books: A Paranormal Explanation?

They're here!

There’s nothing more frustrating for staff and students alike than finding that the book you’re looking for on the library shelves has gone missing. But is there a more unearthly explanation? The University’s Paranormal Studies Department thinks there is!

Flora Lopis, the Department’s newly appointed director, explains.

“Over the last year we’ve been receiving a lot more reports of sightings of strange phenomena and peculiar activities across all levels of the library. These reports seem to increase particularly during the 24-7 opening period, notably during the small hours after the Union bars close, for some reason.” 

Flora’s team have recently set themselves up in the Library to try and record some of this activity, but have had little luck so far.

“First thing this Monday morning we had a report of a terrifying groaning, pasty-faced apparition that had manifested itself at the Enquiry Desk on Level 2, so we rushed over. But this turned out to be a member of Library Staff recovering from a weekend attack of spirits of an entirely liquid, rather than supernatural, nature. Serves him right, too.”

But Flora’s convinced there is evidence.  Especially where missing books are concerned, and certain books in particular.

“Well, they seem particularly drawn to copies of David Jobber’s Principles & Practices of Marketing, 6th edition. Certainly I’ve never been able to get a copy, and this can only be because of the ghosts. Can’t it?”

Have you witnessed supernatural or paranormal activity in the Library? Has a book you’ve been looking for on the shelf suddenly and inexplicably vanished? Can you really stop a Vampire with Kung-Fu, like in Buffy The Vampire Slayer? If you can answer these questions, Flora and her team would like to hear from you. Why not visit their site and find out how to contact them.