NUS Charter on Academic Support

The National Union of Students have just released a new charter addressing the provision and function of Academic support in Higher Education facilities.

Academic support is necessary for students not only in helping them complete their courses, but also for the vital role it plays in helping students develop their academic skills. The charter based on what good practice in academic support could look like, and is drawn from research from the NSS, HEFCE and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and current good practice from around the sector.

The Library is very much committed to helping provide such support, primarily through liason with our team of Academic Librarians. The workshops, online tutorials and advice sheets they provide can help you enhance your study and information literacy skills. We call these ‘Skills to Succeed’ and they can help you with all manner of activities, like revision, time management, and literature searching. Check out the Know-How page for details of these workshops and more!

Last month we also launched a new ‘Academic Practice’ module on Learn, containing 10 tutorials on a variety of topics such as ‘Using the Library’, ‘Being Aware of Plagiarism’,  ‘Referencing Right’, ‘Essay writing’ and ‘Information Online’. Each unit has been designed to be attractive and informative – providing ‘bite sized’ information on a topic – with the added advantage of allowing the user to progress at their own pace.

The new charter is available for download from the NUS site here.