You said, we did – results of user survey on recalls and courtesy notice reminders

secretlond123Some of you may be aware that we recently ran a survey asking for our users’ opinions on whether we should recall books during vacations and how long before a book is due for return should we send out a reminder email.

We were pleased with the response, with over 400 people taking the time to fill out the survey and getting feedback from every school on campus and every type of user. So, what are the results?

The overwhelming majority of the vote (77%) said that we should not recall during the vacation period. We did, however, get a large number of free text replies saying the three month summer vacation was too long not to recall, especially for taught postgarduates doing their dissertations over the summer and staff and researchers who are based on campus throughout the year. As a result, from the next academic year, we will no longer be recalling books during the Christmas and Easter vacations, but will continue to do so over the Summer vacation.

The courtesy notice reminder vote was a lot closer – 57% voting for the current 4 day reminder and the rest asking for different reminder periods. So, we have agreed to produce TWO reminders – one 4 days before the book is due for return and a second one the day before the book is due for return. We hope this will help people avoid having to pay fines. Don’t forget, you can always check your Library account any time on our catalogue online or on our self-service machines in the Library as well.

If you have any questions about the survey or the change in policy, please contact the Library’s Customer Services Manager.