We Must be Popular!


Yesterday we received 5098 people through the library front doors – considering that our general ‘busy’ average is usually somewhere between 3000-4000 visitors, that’s very busy! 

We also managed to sort and relocate 28 trolleys of books (out of 2231 books returned on the day) and we dealt with 510 enquiries across our Customer Service Desks.

Not bad considering we’re only three days into the new term – and 24-7 hasn’t even started yet!

So a very big thank you to everyone who visited us yesterday and for creating such a vibrant buzz about the place – we look forward to your continued company over the coming weeks!

One thought on “We Must be Popular!

  1. Obviously great news that so many people want to use the library – problem is your capacity does not match that at all and I’m sure I speak for many, many people when I speak of my frustrations at all tables being full by 9am.

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