Welcome Back to 24-7!

Pilkington library after refurbishment

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful break and are all set for the start of term. And as the New Year heralds the beginning of the exam season, the Library will commence its 24-7 opening period beginning this evening and ending at midnight on Wednesday 27th.

We’d like to issue a few gentle reminders for those of you who haven’t experienced 24-7 before. Space is ALWAYS at a premium during exam time, and sadly there are always a few who feel the need to take up more space than they actually need – even when they’re not actually in the building! So please, be kind and considerate and don’t leave your stuff lying about when you’re not there, as you’re depriving other people of a much-needed place to study. We WILL be removing any items left unattended to free up space (assuming someone else doesn’t help themselves to your stuff first!).

We’d also like to remind you that Levels 1,2 and 4 are intended to be areas for quiet study – please remember to keep the noise levels down to an absolute minimum on these floors, or you will be asked (nicely, by us, probably not so nicely by your fellow revisers!) to desist. If you want to chat – or have a snack – Level 3 is the designated social area.

Our bookable study rooms, carrels and pods are pretty busy even off-peak, but during exam periods they’re especially popular. Please remember that you have to book them first before you can use one – don’t just turn up and sit down assuming the space is available, because it probably isn’t! And if you do book a space, please remember to actually come and use it. We give people 15 minutes to claim their reservation, otherwise we will allow someone else to use it – it’s not fair on other students to leave rooms unclaimed.

If you experience any problems at all regarding any of the Library facilities, just ask a member of staff – we’re here to help you as best we can.

Best of luck with your exams!