Who’s Talking About Your Research?


Who’s been talking about your research then? The donut can help! The multi-coloured Altmetric ‘donut’ is becoming a familiar sight on publisher web pages, LUPIN, and other sites.  The donuts give an indication of the attention that a paper has received in social media, the press and policy documents.  This, in turn, may be an early indicator of future citation rates.  But until now you have only been able to find out this information on a paper by paper basis. 

To get a better overview of the reach of all Loughborough University’s research in one place, we have just taken out a one-year trial subscription to Altmetric Explorer. This uses publication information from the data you add to LUPIN to give an overview of the attention an individual or department’s research at Loughborough is getting – and most importantly where that attention is coming from and in what context.  This data can be explored and filtered in all sorts of ways including by discipline, funder, date,  journal and publisher.

Go explore for yourself at:


Remember, if accessing from off-campus, don’t forget to have the VPN activated.