Mid Term Blues? Feeling Stressed? Look No Further!



As today is National Stress Awareness Day, and as we’re at that tricky halfway point in the first term where deadlines (and exams!) are looming, what better time to remind you of the many & various ways we can help you beat the dreaded ‘S’ word.

Here in the Library we have a wide range of books aimed at combatting stress and its causes. We’ve also prepared our own advice sheet offering helpful tips on how to minimise stress, and one of our Academic Practice modules, ‘Getting Organised’ is tailored towards helping you avoid stress by improving your study style.

And if you’re getting stressed about finding information for your coursework, don’t panic – ask your Academic Librarian! Not only are they specialists in the knowledge areas for your particular Schools, they’re also very friendly and just love being asked questions!

The University also provides specialist help with the mental rigours of academic life courtesy of the University Counselling Service, which offers a broad range of services ranging from one-to-one meetings with their experienced staff of fully trained counsellors, to online self-help resources and workshops tackling a variety of issues and topics including homesickness and meditation.

National Stress Awareness Day raises awareness about stress, how to prevent it and how to manage it once it occurs. Their emphasis is on promoting psychological wellbeing of people at work so that they can perform at their peak. Further resources on beating stress can be found via their website here.

(We also heartily recommend our own preferred method of stress-busting – settling down with a good book from our Leisure Reading Collection on Level 4!)