Battle of Bosworth field uncovered

The field where the Battle of Bosworth took place

Leicestershire County Council have announced the site of the location of the epic Battle of Bosworth, one of the most decisive battles in English history.

Fought in August 1485 between the Yorkist monarch Richard III and his Lancastrian rival Henry Tudor, or Henry VII as he became after winning the battle which resulted in the death of Richard, the ending of the ‘War of the Roses’ period of civil war, the founding of the Tudor monarchy, and a crucial turning point not only in English history, but that of the world’s, too.

Situated just off the old Roman road from Atherstone to Leicester in a remarkably nondescript arable pasture, Leicestershire County Council is now in negotiations with a number of local landowners in order to gain full access to the area and capitalise on the historic significance of the site. They hope this will complement an existing visitor centre in the vicinity.

You may also wish to explore the site and the history behind it through such websites as British History Online, Digimap, and the British Humanities Index, available through Metalib.