Domesday Reloaded

Medieval Miracles, from the National Archives UK, catalogue reference 36/284

Interested in social and local history?  A unique snapshop of the UK in the mid-1980s is now available online for the first time.

The Domesday Project was a BBC initiative designed to capture everyday life across the UK using first-hand contributions from the general public. People were asked to write about everyday life and what they thought might still be of interest in a thousand years time! A million people took part, resulting in a fascinating archive of words and images.

Although made available for viewing at the time using the latest Laser-Disc technology, this rapidly became obsolete and the archive has been invisible for many years. Via Domesday Reloaded these personal memories and photos have been resurrected and made available for everyone to enjoy. To bring the project up-to-date and enable comparisons to be drawn, the public is being encouraged to re-photograph images and update text entries.

Overview  of the project: Story of Domesday

The Domesday project (1988?) [Video cassette]. London : British Broadcasting Corporation: 308.142/BRI

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